Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm very excited about this week. This week i'm gonna hit the pavement and go see what type of sponsorship moneys i can gather up. I'm looking to try and raise $10,000 from local businesses. If i can do that, that will cover the engine, transmission and lots of little odds and ends it will take to get the engine in the car and get it running and driving. This is not going to cover any performance upgrades, but it's enough to get a good start and hopefully i can pick-up at least 1 big sponsor, who really believes in what we're doing and supports the cause. This project will be good for the rogue valley, the subaru community as well as any company or business willing to put their name on the car. I'm going to do a good job of making this car popular and well known. Very excited though, i can't wait to see the feedback from the community. Also, i'm going to be getting up in the dirt around the area the next couple weeks, if anyone is interested in coming out and playing around, i have some other advertisement to work on and need to get some "action shots." Anyone who is interested in joining the fun, just comment here or email, warrioroflife32@yahoo.com. Keep it dirty y'all!

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