Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Things are really moving along now, and i'm just trying to keep all my creative energy focused on getting this idea out, and really, creating and business or company so that i can have the type of impact i am looking for. The bottom line is that major manufacturers are going to need a little nudge to really make the kind of changes we need to keep this planet around for the long haul. I don't know about the rest of the world, but i want to leave a legacy, i want my family in 10 generations to still be living up the the Hemmingsen name, and i want them to have every opportunity to do that and more, i want to leave this planet with tons of resources, not an apocalyptic war-zone, or a planet fighting for basic resources. So, in my opinion, cars is only 1 problem of a few MAJOR ones we need to handle, but bumping up mileage a little isn't going to do it, and in my opinion, electricity is not a great substitute because we just don't have the technology to do it efficiently yet. Bio-diesel works in engines and cars that are on the road right now, it works in vehicles that were on the road 30 years ago too, and heavy equipment, trains, planes, boats/ships, i mean there is no reason why we can't run every vehicle or mode of transport on a sustainable fuel source from this day on. But, i also believe that we are consumer driven, and so we need to produce some awesome bio-diesel options, cars, fueling methods, it all has to be put in place and convenient. So, Hemmingsen Auto Design will take used vehicles and replace gasoline engines with diesel ones, make small upgrades to suit the vehicle's purposes and create an industry, a serious competition for auto manufacturers of old. I think by putting pressure on them, show them that people will will buy the products and they really don't have a choice. If they choose not to slow production of vehicles they can keep producing and not selling and i'll continue to grow my empire producing the vehicles that the world needs. Also, i watched a cool documentary i mentioned and here's a link to it,

And a little Suby Diesel love to perk up your day!