Friday, September 21, 2012

I will build the greatest vehicles the world has ever known. My vehicles will change the future of this country forever. We together can create a cleaner world, stop all dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels, create a huge job market, bring back agricultural opportunities for farms amd farming families, and force a growth in our economy. The growth of crops to create crops to be used for bio-diesel production alao creates a new product of export. We can supply the world's clean fuel. This shift also creates a need for development of new engine technology while still being possible to put to use in current road vehicles. It stimulates growth on all levels. It takes people coming together and grouping ideas and resources to make it happen, and we Americans can take our country back from closed-minded polititions. We can create our own freedom,, freedom from foreign oil dependence, freedom from job and money shortages, and the freedom of ethical acts to benefit all and take advantage of noone. Big business will not over-shadow a man who will stand on his own two feet and carve his pplace in the world. Together rchange is possible.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Waiting frustration level is really starting to show.  I am at this stand-still it seems like.  I mean, i know things are still moving forward, everyday i'm getting closer to the Bio-Diesel Subaru being a reality, but with nothing tangible in front of me at the moment, it feels like i'm just standing here waiting for it to appear.  There are a lot of people out there right now talking to each other about great ideas about cars, economy, jobs, fuel, and other people are talking about this blog, the need for change, what can be done with bio-fuels, who's creating new options, and there are other people out there trying to bring it all together, to bring all this energy, all these people together to create the change.  The world needs a shift and i am glad to be a part of the solution.  I am thankful to have the opportunity to help my community, my Country and this World.  I am happy to be able to help, even if just a tiny bit, to create a cleaner, better planet for my daughter and son to raise their families in, to travel with their friends around, to look back from space and see, to call Home.

But, like i said, i have been stuck in this limbo of needing funds, so it's time to get more creative.  I have to do more than just talk to people, i need to come up with something that grabs attention, gets my message across LOUD AND CLEAR.  I have been thinking of a possible series on YouTube, and also some more direct advertising options like the Newspaper, online ads, and search out some more investment groups like the Southern Oregon Angel Investors.  I'm going to get the money, i'm going to finish this car soon.  Before the end of August is still my deadline, i have no desire to not make that deadline.  I'm going to finish this car!

I really want to say thanks to Noell for talking to businesses and looking for potential sponsorship for this project.  There is no other motivation for him to help me other than he believes in what i'm doing, and he wants to see this thing come to life dang near as much as i do.  Hopefully between the two of us we will pick up the monetary results we need and start getting some videos of the build up for people to follow.  Thanks for checkin' in, take care!

Neil "GoldenGuardian" Hemmingsen

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm going in to Napa today to see if they want to put their blue and gold on the bio-diesel Subaru.  I really like the Napa store that i use here in Grants Pass, they have always been able to get the parts i need when i have trouble finding odd-ball parts on the vehicles i like to play with.  They are over on 7th street if you ever need some help.

I was at their tool sale last week and they had the big parts truck and trailer out front, they had a Custom Napa Auto Parts Chopper out there, it was cool . Great deals on parts, and they had tons of advertising going on, but all i could see was my Subaru sitting out front.  The blue and gold just flooded my brain.  I was instantly picturing how i could use the Napa logo and mix it with the Subaru stars on the side of the car.  The guys down there are very helpful, and they seem to all have some interest in motorsports, so working with a business that's locally owned, run by a good group of people, into playing with their vehicles and hopefully very into what i'm trying to do with bio-diesel, and create a better grade of fuel to motivate people to buy bio instead of the oil-company alternatives.

The Subaru will be a great advertising vehicle for them, because it's local, because it'll be around town, because it'll be at every local event in the Pacific Northwest.  Also, when the build starts, all the locals who know the car can follow the build online, or stop-by and check it out in person, they get great internet advertising, it's going to be a great partnership and i really look forward to getting this project movin!

Monday, July 30, 2012

The goal for the week is get a 2.5 RS in my hands and get the work going.  All energy and effort goes to finding a sponsor, a major sponsor i mean, who wants their name on the car and wants to step-up and help me get this project off the ground.  The local Napa is one i would really like to get.  The guys down there are into motorsports, they do a lot of stuff in the community with their parts truck and other events they advertise at, and i would love to work with them.  But, the reality is i am getting this car this week so i can finish it before the end of August.  GAME ON!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Things are getting exciting and with a little bit of a waiting game as things come together, i've been putting a lot of my thought towards how we are going to test the fuels, how we are going to develop these new fuel types.  Motorsports does indeed have a natural process for developing the potential of the fuel, but for the Bio-Diesel Subaru team specifically, what are we going to do?  The car itself will be capable of on and off-road testing, hot and cold temperature testing, long-duration pulls, short-duration high load pulls, long-duration-moderate load long distance drives, race track testing.  These will be the main areas to test in the fuel, in terms of the physical conditions we are going to put them through.  Finding places to do all these different things will be fun, and i have some great places in mind already.  The other side of it will be more on the scientific side, and in the lab, things like flash point, gelling point and then some of the emissions things we can also use the car for in conjunction with fuel developers.  I know this isn't hugely entertaining, so i'll throw up a video at the end of one of the roads i'm really looking forward to being the main long-trip testing road. So, i'll use to create an organized chart and spreadsheet of the data that i can post as we collect it, so everyone can see what we see, you can see the numbers, see the effects of the different fuels and watch as we develop the world's greatest bio-fuel running through the baddest car on the planet.  I know i'm getting ahead of myself, and the entire build of the car will be right here on the blog for you guys to watch.  A couple more weeks and we'll have some videos of things getting started.  The Subaru shall meet it's engine before August the 3rd!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Today's post is about how motorsports is going to produce the highest quality fuel products.  Motorsports is a natural development process for products because each type of competition, or motorized goal to achieve, has different areas of performance that it stresses more than others.  In a hill climb, MAXIMUM power is key, keeping weight down is also important, but long duration (4 hours) reliability is not a concern at all.  24 hours of Le Mans is 24 hours of high-speed hell on an engine because both power and reliability are important, but reliability being more important forces the teams to build engines to a level of precision and also cleanliness that other engine builders would call absurd.  So many different types of motorsports with so many specific goals to achieve.  By letting teams use a fuel that is "tuneable" and easy to reformulate and try new things with, they will make sure the fuel they create supports whatever type of race they are doing.  When several motorsports are doing this same thing it weeds out the problems.  For example:
Lets say we are going racing at an professional stage rally event with our Bio-diesel Subaru.  Each stage is relatively short, but there are several stages, power is limited by class and it's a two day event with the rule that we must finish with the same engine we start with, and we run in a special eco-class that requires the use of emissions devices.  So, what do we want our fuel to do?  We want it to be Rev. friendly because our 4 cylinder engine revs. to 6500 rpm, and reliability is also very important because if we don't finish we can't win, and we get no engine swap.  Now that i have some of the basic performance key points figured out i can begin tuning my fuel.  I need it to have a higher flash-point, burn faster and absolutely not build up in a DPF that we have retained from the stock setup.  Lubrication in cylinder is also important.

So, this is one area, then you think someone setting it up for a boat race wants different fuel, and a guy doing tractor pulls wants different fuel, and the woman racing Dakar Rally is going to want something different also...then we start combining information from each of these motorsports and the fuels at the pump can benefit from the things they develop at the track.  This is how so many parts are designed and brought to the market already.  Most performance companies actually market it that way..."we use these same shocks on our trophy truck and they get us home every-time..." or some crap like that.  With the bio-diesel Subaru being capable of so many different types of events on it's own, it will do a great job of testing several different ideas for fuel as well as on the engine.  We can make a fuel that works with DPFs and we can also make a fuel that burns so well and so clean it absolutely doesn't need one.  This is just the beginning.  Soon, bio-diesel and E100 will be the main staple of the American fuel diet and soon, for the entire world.  A country like Thailand running on Bio-diesel would be absolutely amazing.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I am very excited today.  Been rockin' it all day.  Called Jordan Beck at Rogue bio-fuels.  I'm hoping he is interested in the project and that developing a new bio-diesel for them to sell is something he is as excited about as i am.  The fuel that seems to be available right now just isn't cutting it with today's new engines.  The DPF equipped engines are literally destroying themselves with cylinder wash and clogging the filter itself.  But, i see a lot of options, it just takes effort, time and money.  I have all the motivation and passion to put forth a huge effort and i am willing to dedicate all my time, now i just need to get the cash-flow, flowin'.  The Subaru engine will be a great first test platform for fuels because it is equipped with a DPF from the factory, and also, it's a high-revving diesel, and i want to test fuels with a higher flash-point to see if it will promote higher engine rpms and burn cleaner at those rpms.  As a race car, this Subaru will spend a lot of time high in the rev range and i am also thinking that these fuels with higher flash-point should also pack a higher stored energy "punch", producing more power.  Companies like Monster diesel make products that do similar things in fossil fuel diesel, and i think they may have some great answers for the bio-diesel industry.  We can make these fuels so good that they have to replace the diesel at the pump.  I am going to get all the U.S. driving on bio-diesel or ethanol in the next 5 years.  I'm going to get this Subaru built and show the world what is coming.  Before the end of August it's gonna be layin' rubber to road.

Also, i got a reply from Noel, on the RS forum.  He will hopefully be able to secure some grants for me, and at the very least point me in the right direction.  When it comes to building and designing vehicles, i'm skilled. When it comes to finding supporting finances, i have much less finesse.  Hopefully Noel will be able to get one of these grants set up to where we can get the shop up in running and build the bio-diesel Subaru all in one swing.  A couple of employees and shop space will really jump start this program.  I have several other vehicles and projects lined up for the next 24 months.  Once i get in a shop, get the Subaru finished up, we'll be able to keep things rolling and really produce some quality products to help this push for change in the fuel industry.

Just because the posts have been a lot of typing and sharing my thoughts but kind of low on entertainment value, here are a couple videos.

The 555 car with the diesel engine and you've got MY bio-diesel Subaru.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The more i talk with diesel truck owners and mechanics...and well, anyone, they have nothing good to say about the new diesel emissions and the engine systems being developed to deal with it.  The problem is not the emissions laws.  The problems lie with the fuel.  We can't burn shit fuel clean enough to really make a difference and in the effort, we are producing systems that are un-reliable and take away from the efficiency and performance of the vehicles.  The two main systems that i find to be complete SHIT! are the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) which filters out unburned and partially burned carbon.  The other system is the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), which takes small amounts of exhaust gas (with these unburned carbons) and re-routes it back into the Intake air, going into the engine to give a chance for the engine to burn those un-burnt fuel bits.  What this does is replace oxygenated fresh air with carbon filled exhaust gas, not all of it, but a small portion of your intake air is displaced by worthless exhaust gas.

The problem isn't that technology isn't there.  The problem is that Auto manufacturers receive huge cash incentives from Oil company's.  This keeps them from building vehicles that are geared toward or advertise for the use of bio-diesel.  Instead, we advertise batteries and electric motors (which ad thousands of pounds to a vehicles) and pair that with the already poorly performing and utterly failing gas engine too.

A solution is simple:  An auto manufacturer produces vehicles that are designed to run on bio-diesel for the diesel vehicles and ethanol for the gas-burners, right out of the factory.  Fuel companies can just as easily produce the proper fuels, but there are so many huge corporations, tax laws, and money ties that may stretch farther than we could imagine, and it stops us from making a change.  Where this change has to happen is in the hands of the American people.  We are a country made by having the balls to stand up do what is RIGHT!  I'm going to build vehicles that run on the sustainable stuff only, hopefully more follow suite, and soon more people will sell the fuel, i and others will develop more fuels in racing, or in jobs that have specific duties in extreme conditions, calling for changes in fuels.  It's a chain reaction, and we can't be afraid to take those first steps.

I am going to build this Bio-diesel Subaru, i'm going to take it around the country and around the world, spreading these ideas, spreading this thought process of change, and after that year is over, i'm going to continue to build vehicles that run sustainable that out-perform fossil fuels in every area imaginable.  First thought...let's get this Subaru built!

Monday, July 9, 2012

I had some ideas in my head and wanted to get them down, so i'm sharing them with the world through my blog here.  I need to have a set list of things i'm looking to improve upon in bio-fuels current technology to improve it.  I know that 2007 and up vehicles are having Diesel Particulate Filter related issues and causing massive sometimes terminal engine wear (not just damage, but loss of lubrication.)  Low temperature functionality.  The fuel needs to not gel at very low temperatures, how low is yet to be determined.  It will give me something to check out today.  Where is current diesel on the temperature scale for gelling?  Difference with additive?  Monster Diesel seems to have a real blow-up idea.  Increasing the level of actual stored energy...great work.  More chemical engineers working with race teams to develop the fuels of the future is what is going to bring about the best in both performance as well as economy.  It's not far dream is getting closer, clearing, the picture gets bigger and bigger.  The Subaru is definitely gonna rock the world soon!
I'm so ready to go!  Ready to build this Subaru, ready to establish my shop and produce vehicles that run on sustainable fuel while astonishing the world.  But...i suck at this paperwork stuff and i really can't move forward without it.  I am going through options for Grants right now as this whole deal fits right into several different sustainable energy grants.  That's where i'm at now, just trying to figure out this whole grant application situation.  Also, because this project is growing in scale and will most likely be funded by Grants for at least the first year, i'm looking for someone to work with me and help me out with that side of things.  If you have any experience and love motorsports, i'd love to bring you into the mess of sustainable performance.

I have quite a few other plans and projects lined up besides the Subaru, but the Subaru is the goal, the focus, my passion and dream, so all efforts are straight ahead at getting that thing built.  I am going to have it on the road by the end of August and get this bad boy out in the world.  Once the car is complete i'm going to plan out the Records to be crushed and also lay out a few information spreading "Tours" around the country.  The first is going to be visiting as many bio-diesel and sustainable fuel production facilities as possible while also making it to some Diesel Drag and Tow events and Open-Track road course events.  The second major tour i want to do is to schools.  I want to bring the car to schools and give a quick presentation to get kids inspired about what i am so inspired and passionate about.  PERFORMANCE!  Performance that will last forever and carry the world into a cleaner future.

For now though, i need to find this Grants money so i can change the world!!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

My attention never seems to leave this Bio-diesel Subaru.  It's all i'm thinkin' about all the time and it's been awhile since i've taken a step back, but this whole project, the goal even, has grown much bigger than what it started out to be.  At first i just wanted to have a badass Subaru, unlike anyone else, and really the way i thought Subaru should've produced it in the first place.  Now it's been two years since the idea and i'm still diggin', tryin' to get this thing together, but it's SO much more now.  I have a clear plan of action, a specific method for making huge change in the world.  Now we're not talking about 1 cool vehicle being produced, but shifting the way people buy cars in the world.  Very cool.  I have a clear image and i'm gonna stick to it until i get there.  It's been exciting lately, talking to lots of businesses and people and applying for grants and all kinds of cool stuff.  Soon i'll have my shop and start bringing new fuel options to the world.  I was just reflecting a bit and thought i'd share.  Have a great weekend, we'll hit it again monday!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Bio-Diesel Subaru...i love it.  It lights up my face every single time i say it, and i say it a LOT :).  But, i have been talking about it like it's the future of autos, and is.  The funny part is, i'm building the car using all factory parts to begin with, old stuff.  I think there is hidden potential all over the place and i think as a whole, people are starting to shift the way they think and use more potential and less of our resources.  Cool stuff.  Every day i come up with new ideas for ways to create energy, movement, transportation and food.  The more things i come up with the more creative my ideas seem to become.  I have been working on an old project of mine that had some big speed-bumps, the Rotary Diesel.  This has some internal flow issues, but yeah, some new creative ideas and i grabbed an old engine i had and maybe that can be next summers new project, the things i will create are going to change the world.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I was watching a documentary on fuel and energy use in America called, "Gashole."  It really got me thinking about my points of view on the topic and after doing some thinking and writing on it, i knew i wanted to share it here because why i'm doing this i believe is what makes it more than just a cool build-up of a performance vehicle.

Where to there's supposed to be this big oil crisis.  They tell us all the time in politics.  Each politician puts their own spin on what's going on and where we're going to do about it.  The reality is, individual citizens can't do much for quick change in politics, all they can do is change the politician.  There is a lot of information that i found really entertaining and feasible in the documentary about the links between politics, oil companies and auto manufacturers.  I'm not going to go into detail because i can't say what is for sure fact and not from the documentary or in the government or anywhere else unless i saw it with my eyes.  The way i see it is that it doesn't matter if there is a shortage or not at the moment because our oil is coming from other countries.  Bottom line, if we buy oil from someone, they have control over everything we use the oil they sold us for.  In our case we were not careful and are now addicts of oil.  Addictions like this put you in a bad situation because the person in control of whatever it is that you "need", has complete control over you.  It will cause you to make decisions not with your best interest in mind, but simply getting it(oil in this case) will be the only acceptable solution.  So, with a shortage, you pay high prices.  Oil companies say there is a shortage, you pay high prices, whether there is a shortage or not because you don't control the oil but can't live without it.  Or can you...

...Fossil fuels pollute air, land and sea.  The fuels are limited.  Unsafe to handle, transport and use.  Oh, and they are being sold to us by other countries, and not particularly friendly ones from what i hear.  The alternatives create local jobs, local money and reduce our nations national debt and carbon foot-print, at the same time.  Oh, and these fuels can be run in every vehicle currently on the road today and with further development of the fuels, will push vehicle capability to new heights...nope, we don't need no stinkin' fossil fuels!

What is cool, is the way our country and economy have been built around the oil, when we replace it with our own products made in our own country, it gives our nation a new method for managing it's economy.  Right now we depend on this oil, and the people who built the empires that run the oil industry are in it to make lots of money.  They have done a great job at it for a long time.  But, we can make a change, we can take control.  As individuals we can take our country back by being willing to step-up and do what we can.  Whether it's making bio-diesel in your garage or leading a political campaign.  Maybe you want to own a business and hey, we need bio-diesel, so why not start production?  Grease/Oil recycling and refining companies need to be built, automobiles need to be manufactured for sustainable fuel use ONLY, we can make this change with the goal of fixing our country and our planet.  By changing our motivating goal, we change the outcome.

So far politicians have hid behind the fact that it lies on consumer's shoulders to refuse to buy the products and to force a change.  Well...yeah, but we have kids, jobs and life happening around us.  The people need options, and it's a change, not a switch.  It will take time, but it happens one person, one great idea, one set of cajones to be willing to do it!  People will come together, the industry of sustainable fuels is already growing every day, and a new future is coming.  I'm glad to be at the front of a revolution ;)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Building and racing the most unique, high-performance vehicles has always been a dream.  Every car, well, every anything i've ever owned, i've been inspired to improve it.  Cars, Trucks, 4 wheel drive, all-wheel-drive, front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or just has wings...i don't care, i want to make it better, faster, more stable, fly longer, be submersible or float.  If it isn't supposed to do that, i will see how it could be done.  If it already does that, i will figure out how it can do "that" better.  It's not just a passion, it's my gift, but only in the last few years have I really looked at bigger problems. As humans, we seem to be great at producing cool stuff, and not so great about the "where do we put it?" question.  But boy does it create an opportunity for improvement, right?  What about a vehicle that was not only super high-performance and environmentally friendly, while running on sustainable fuels, but it keeps cars on the road and shows others how to do the same.  This is a world-wide, revolution in automotive lifestyle and habit.  Now buying a new car isn't a drain on the planet, but actually helping protect and save it.  This is dream worthy.  This is my dream.

My dream is to not just build this one car, but to start with this one car.  One car to inspire a community, and then a country, and eventually the planet.  After one car, show everyone where they can buy one, or build their own even.  My dream is to motivate people so deep down that it spreads across our great nation.  I'm going to build the Subaru that sets the par for not only what Subaru's should be, but what we as consumers should expect out of an automobile.

If we don't expect 60mpg, 300 horsepower with traction and sexy looks, running on fryer grease, why shouldn't we deserve to have that?  That's what i expect, i have the capability to do it, and i want to show you it's ok for you to expect that as well. Not only show you, but give you an option to buy one!

The next step is to find a financial supporter.  I'm still out there looking.  I will find the right person, business or group.  It's just a matter of time.  I've been calling and emailing, sending out forms, talking to people, i'm getting it out there, and the Universe will reward those efforts, i'm confident.  My dreams are becoming a reality and yours can too!

Monday, June 11, 2012

YES!  i was looking at the Department of Energy and found that this project fits exactly into one of the grants available on their site.  It's a grant for the purpose of developing and spreading knowledge of sustainable fuel options.  The only problem is the grant is a minimum $250,000 grant for a big project.  I need to team up with a bigger entity, a company, a school, something...but it's a good option and it offers whoever does team up with me, a big cash incentive, or at least the opportunity for it.  So, my next target is to find out how to write an awesome proposal and find myself a sponsor business or non-profit.  The other option is to create a bigger plan that can use that type of money.  I have always had the plan of creating a company to produce the products that i'm trying to spread to the world.  I really believe people will gladly use bio-diesel, if they have an option that is both financially comparable and more importantly, CONVENIENT!  I want to produce enough high-quality, like new, bio-diesel vehicles to give people an option when buying cars.

But, for now, lets stay focused on building the Subaru.  The Subaru project needs to lay down some clear plans for actions. Which records are important, what capabilities do i really want to showcase, and how far will this car travel?  I would love to hear some feed back on what others would like to see it do, what would really motivate you to buy bio-diesel car next time around?  My personal goals are to set a diesel land speed record of some kind, win a rally, climb Pike's Peak for time, set a miles per gallon record while crossing the United States, and most importantly, i would like to hit LOTS of local type events (fairs, car shows, boat races...) and get involved with people, let people check this car out.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A child riding a bike for the first time down the side-walk sees a rock in the middle of the road, the closer the child gets the more angst builds up and the more those eyes are glued to this rock and the bigger the rock gets.  Bigger and bigger until front tire meets rock and CRASH!  Now...a teenager is riding a bike down the same side-walk and the same rock is sitting there, the teenager catches a glimpse of the rock and never looks back at it, but instead looks to the new path needed to avoid the rock.  It's a simple idea but it is a Universal law that the things you pay attention to are going to grow in your life.  If you complain a lot, you are focusing on problems and not solutions, and those problems are getting larger and larger all the time, aren't they?  Now if you are a positive attitude, livin' life in it's jolly stride type of person, you probably don't focus on the problem as much, but still, there is another type that are very aware of this Law of the Universe and they look for solutions when they experience or see a problem.  When they focus on solutions, solutions grow and become quite amazing answers that change the world.

Now...why am i ranting about the Law of Attraction in my performance motorsports blog?  Well, fossil fuel use and use of resources in general are the problems.  The solution i see right now is to make everyone aware that we need to look for solutions.  Through the bio-diesel Subaru, i want to do this.  But really what i am explaining here is, what if EVERYONE looked at the same solutions?  The power to create effect change would be so high, so many minds thinking creatively to cooperate with eachother and this planet while solving problems.  The fuel issue is one big one, but far from the only one.  Natural gas drilling is a problem, production of plastics, the methods of food production.  We need to take responsibility and take action ourselves.  As a public, American's are the worst about sitting and complaining at our elected officials to fix problems.  We've become a country of whining wieners as a whole, and i refuse to be one these.  I am going to build this Subaru and help educate the wieners in the Country of some options they can take right now.  I need support though, i need more focus on my solution.  Who wants to have some fun helping me change the world?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

While i was out around the town today i saw a sign for a performance shop i hadn't been to or heard of before.  I stopped in to see if they'd be into sponsoring the BD Subaru and came upon some great first hand knowledge that i didn't have before.  This shop actually works on a WIDE range of stuff, mostly swamped with custom motorcycles (choppers and some other unusual things) and Subaru's.  A very random shop, very cool though, and the guy i chatted with was very helpful.  When i brought up bio-diesel the guy instantly stopped me and let me know he was not a supporter of bio-diesel and really was quite against it.

The shop had torn apart some customer volkswagen's that had experienced some severe wear (he wasn't real specific as to what exactly, but i assume injection pump) and he said one engine was actually replaced completely.  This wasn't a testimony overloaded with facts, but it just goes to show that we still need some testing, development and standardization in the bio-diesel field.  This has also started a new hunt, see what common problems are coming from bio-diesel and if the problems are coming from commercial bio-diesel, home-made bio-diesel or both.  Figure out these problems and what we can do to fix them.  His comment about it was that the fuel doesn't lubricate properly.  So, i'm gonna hit the internets and see what i can dig up.

This also has inspired me to start making some batches of fuel and see what kind of variations i can get in cetane as well as lubricity.  Maybe find a chemical engineer to shine some light on some options for adding a lubricant to the process.

These are the kinds of problems that should be sorted out in motorsport though.  Bio-diesel is a safe, clean fuel.  Try making a batch of fossil based gasoline, diesel or kerosene in your kitchen....i don't think your wife or neighbors is gonna be real happy. Not to mention sustainable.  It just needs some work to be developed.  All these trials were done a long time ago with diesel and gasoline so people tend to count that against it, but it's part of the process and in motorsports, the process can be sped up safely.  Trial an error on a racetrack will quickly weed out problems with the fuel in terms of equipment endurance, fuel quality consistency, and proper cetane properties.  With more people trying to figure the stuff out, the faster the development will be.

I am very excited about this new perspective and am very motivated, now more than ever, to go get those sponsors and get this car built.  It's going to be quite an adventure over the next year and i'm very excited about it.

Monday, May 28, 2012

I came across this amazing program going on in New Zealand,, thought i'd share it.  It's just a forum, it's for both individuals and corporations, and it's all about promoting sustainable stuff.  Anything, everything, all ideas that can benefit people AND the planet.  "The object of SEF is to promote the transition towards a sustainable energy system in New Zealand. SEF defines a sustainable energy system as being "the sourcing, transformation , use and management of energy in a manner which improves social well-being, while conserving physical resources, maintaining the integrity of ecosystems, and avoiding the transfer of costs to future generations.""-SEF

I really like the clear goals.  It seems like so many obvious areas of importance, like future water quality, species habitats, land use and quality, seem get get blurred into the conversation with money and profits and personal interest and then ignored enough to build up and have catastrophic effects in the near future.  It's true with everything in life though; if you don't take care of a problem properly, it builds up or gets worse until it's a catastrophe instead of an inconvenience that couldn't been dealt with.

More and more people are taking action in their personal lives and publicly to create a change.  To create a view of a new future where we live consciously of our world, of the people around use, of our dependence on all other plants, animals, earth, water and wind as well as every other person.  We don't just have a need for the help others, all of us as individuals depend on people working together, communicating, sharing good, energy, time, ideas and this planet.  As a whole, this flow is what creates life, and it's a choice we have to live in a way that promotes life into the future or does not.  

I want to build a bio-diesel Subaru, and this is how i want to be remembered.  I want to build a car that is so badass that people are amazed.  Exceed any current expectations by petrol fuels that everyone wants it, not settles for it. 

How would you contribute?  how would, or rather, WILL you be remembered in this changing time?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So, today i'm going to really just set my vision again.  I like to keep it fresh in my mind so i know exactly where i'm going.  Today i'm going to be checking out some different body pieces and really looking at what i want this bad boy to look like.  I'm a huge fan of Colin Mcrae and really loved those years he rallied the Subarus, so i will post up a few pictures and share some thoughts. car is going to look like this without the 555 stuff on it.  Colin McRae has awesome taste :)  So, the front bumper on the early cars i prefer.  It has smaller round headlight covers that were not offered in the states but they still look like the '98 RS front bumper instead of the later generation.  The only other big difference is i think i may go with the Black/Silver color scheme just because my last RS was that color and i like it. Everyone rocks the blue, and it's sexy, but I like to be a little different i suppose.

Speaking of different, i wanted to talk about how our cars are an expression of ourselves.  Each one unique, takin' care of differently, some upgraded, some downgraded, some never washed, some loaded with electronics, but in the end, they are all a result of who we are as individuals.  This also includes your driving style, and what you do with your car for fun.  I look at electric cars as killing the thrill of driving.  I have no doubt that people will build faster electric cars someday than what's been capable through combustion, but i just can't imagine it ever having the same thrill.  The roar of the engine, the feel of torque of a series of cylinders producing power feverishly to move your butt, you can feel that engine hit it's sweet spot in the rpm and just sing...all that will be gone.  We will have electric motors whizzing and sounds effects of what it used to be like to hammer down and listen to the roar of ingenuity and testosterone as tires are seer'ed down a few sizes.  For me, cars is passion, bio-diesel is the future of my passion.  I will keep my dreams alive by being active in spreading knowledge.

Keep Racing, keep building, keep the cars burnin' fuel.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Started contacting local businesses supporting sustainable living.  The plan is get 10 businesses to sponsor the car for $1500 in exchange for a block of advertising on the car.  This money will be enough to buy the car the engine and it's components to swap, the transmission and rear end, plus brakes and then odds and ends for wiring up the engine and actually getting it running.  There will be the hood available for a $3500 sponsorship that will be used for the roll-cage.  In the progress of the build of the vehicle i hope we can gather a large group of local businesses and families for us to really work together to create at least 2 major events a month year round.  In the Summer this car should be in action year round.  I want events at farms with the car, sled pulls or race car rides, something every weekend!  This car is going to start the change in our community to a 100% sustainable fuel, sustainable living community.  The Rogue Valley is going to clean up it's AIR!  No more stagnant air warnings.  In short, i just hope this car brings business to sustainable businesses.  I hope it makes people more conscious of the simple acts they can take to make a difference.

Friday, May 18, 2012  Here is a link to an article from 2008 on the American Le Mans series forcing all competitors to run clean diesel, E10 or E85.  E10 i think should go, but still, that's amazing, and these guys are pushing the limits of performance, capability and potential of these engines.  Seems to me it should be common law, gas stations can only serve bio-diesel and E85.  The general public doesn't care what powers their cars and i know they would be glad to have cheap fuel again.

Fuel should be cheap.  It can be made in anyone's kitchen for a reasonable price, made in huge quantities could be made for quarters on the gallon at or less.  When this happens performance is going to boom.  Fuel technology and vehicles to use it will explode, because it's not a limited resource anymore.

This use and creation of fuels in a sustainable way will also provide example for the other areas like housing, food production, energy production and water use.  A world where everything is made to be re-used, re-grown, re-placed, and our thought process is to take care of the things that take care of use, the things that give us opportunity to grow and have fun, push new limits, build new things.

Through documentaries, t.v. shows, and i really think most importantly is the people who took initiative before anyone else was ready to in order for those documentaries to have subjects, they are the ones who really created the change.  Through them, our world is changing, major organizations are taking steps to force people to take a look at these problems.  I am happy and excited to spread motivation and information with the bio-diesel Subaru.  By going out there and doing amazing things with this car i can bring attention to fuel-use, to options for creating fuel sources, places to buy right now and how people can make the change in their life.  I am excited to be part of this wave of change.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Today i want to establish what my purpose and reasons behind doing this are.  Why i feel it's so very important.

Pollution and fuel dependence are two major problems not just for the United States of America, but for the World.  Our entire planet suffers the consequence of both.  The silly thing is we have so many options that would drastically improve our situation.  Fuel sources have to be renewable and sustainable and it only makes sense to make these fuels locally, create independence from foreign oil suppliers and put the control back into the hands of the people.  As car owners and drivers and in the end, the consumers, it is our responsibility to improve our community, our country and the planet we live on for the future generations as well as your own life today.

My sustainable fuel of choice is bio-diesel because it works in 100% of diesel vehicles on the road today.  It can be made from a waste product that's already available, and it can be made to suite specific purposes quite easily.  In the future it will become mandatory for all vehicles with diesel engines to use a sustainable fuel instead of petrol diesel.  Ships, trains, trucks, cars, dragsters, rock buggies, motorcycles, tanks, maybe even jets real soon, every vehicle on the planet can run on a bio-diesel product, but the public needs to want it first.  As it has been in America for a long time, the performance industry dictates much of the future developments of factory vehicles.  

This Subaru will be a high performance vehicle with all the right stuff.  The engine will power the car beyond STi performance, handle better, emit nearly zero emissions while rockin' 55-60mpg.  This car is to show what bio-diesel can be, can do for us.  This car is to get people excited about bio-diesel as well as hopefully bring more awareness to using diesel engines in performance applications.  In the last 10 years or so, diesel performance in trucks has really picked up, and in the last 5, in major motorsports as well, but it hasn't spread to the grassroots level and it surely hasn't become common place to build your golf-tdi into a bio-diesel Racer, although it has been done, (thumbs up to grease car racing!) but when people are looking for bio-diesel, the supply will grow to meet the demand.  Also, with the use of bio-diesel in motorsports, we will get lots of research and development of the fuels which will result in cheaper, cleaner burning higher quality fuels for everyone.

I'm going to use this car to create a new future for bio-diesel.  I'm going to push these engines to the limit, show the durability of running sustainability ;)  With this car i'm going to develop new fuels, set fast records and share it with the communities.  That is most important, share it with people, fairs, car shows, bbq competitions, anywhere where the people are.  People need to experience how awesome it is to appreciate it and really have a lasting impact.

With this Subaru Boxer diesel, the performance potential seems to be a bit untapped or it may just seem that way because all the cool ones are in Europe.  But, with this build, this 2.0 liter engine is going to astound, with the initial build shooting for 300 horsepower, 375 ft. lbs., and by the Summer of 2013, i am going to take this car on a diesel performance tour, hitting diesel drags, dyno days and sled pulls all Summer.  Like i said, i want to get this car out there with the people.  That's enough ramblin' for one day.  Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read my posts and support my ideas.

Guardian Out!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I have been struggling to really find a direction to travel to get this project rolling.  With no car it has made me be creative about exactly how i'm going to go about getting sponsorship and support for the vehicles (that isn't physically real yet) and so i have to make the vision very clear.  Also, i am going to change my game-plan a little bit.  Instead of looking for a major sponsor, i'm going to find smaller donations and sponsors until i get to $20,000.  I'm going to sell ten advertising spots on the vehicle worth $2000 a piece, as a bonus for better quality parts and equipment, i'm going to sell the hood and trunk for $4000 a piece.  What i like about this plan is that it allows me to support bio-dieselers as a group.  I don't have to be associated with one company, a group of individuals can donate instead of a company, and they can all gain the benefit of the advertisement.  In reality they would benefit much more than a major company, they need the extra advertisement.  This way it can be much cheaper.  Local businesses of other services can also gain advertisement that draws quality attention, is exciting, adds good reputation to any business i think.  I am excited to bring something unique and fun to a smaller community while at the same time showing the world something amazing.

 Now with a solid plan in place, i can hit the streets.  I'm going to try to talk to at least 3 businesses everyday until i get this bad boy done.

Hemmingsen Auto Design is going to build the fastest diesel Subaru's on the planet! Time to get to work.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

First new post in awhile, since we moved actually. So, this is what's up... I am going to finish the Bio-diesel Subaru by October 31, 2012. I have made a deal with a friend, if it's not done, he can keep my Go Pro (already mailed to him) and do what he will with it. It's time for the world to meet this wonderful piece of automotive genius. I have been considering possible building an Outback Sport 98-01 year instead of an Impreza L or Impreza RS. The STi wagons are pretty awesome and were never offered in America before the WRX came. Something super sexy about an Impreza coupe in Rally trim,
I'm going to put the diesel engine in it then basically make it look like this.  I'm getting ready to rent some shop space and then i'll pick up a new car and the engine and get the swap started.  I imagine it will take about a month to get the swap done and running properly.  I am going to get it running like a stock car before i begin modifying the engine or drive-train.  I will show what it's capable of, both in efficiency and performance.  After that, it's GAME ON!  I will be known as the leading building of performance Subaru Diesel engines.

I am glad to be back and look forward to loadin' page with Subaru love and new awesome never before experienced by the Subaru community. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Things are really moving along now, and i'm just trying to keep all my creative energy focused on getting this idea out, and really, creating and business or company so that i can have the type of impact i am looking for. The bottom line is that major manufacturers are going to need a little nudge to really make the kind of changes we need to keep this planet around for the long haul. I don't know about the rest of the world, but i want to leave a legacy, i want my family in 10 generations to still be living up the the Hemmingsen name, and i want them to have every opportunity to do that and more, i want to leave this planet with tons of resources, not an apocalyptic war-zone, or a planet fighting for basic resources. So, in my opinion, cars is only 1 problem of a few MAJOR ones we need to handle, but bumping up mileage a little isn't going to do it, and in my opinion, electricity is not a great substitute because we just don't have the technology to do it efficiently yet. Bio-diesel works in engines and cars that are on the road right now, it works in vehicles that were on the road 30 years ago too, and heavy equipment, trains, planes, boats/ships, i mean there is no reason why we can't run every vehicle or mode of transport on a sustainable fuel source from this day on. But, i also believe that we are consumer driven, and so we need to produce some awesome bio-diesel options, cars, fueling methods, it all has to be put in place and convenient. So, Hemmingsen Auto Design will take used vehicles and replace gasoline engines with diesel ones, make small upgrades to suit the vehicle's purposes and create an industry, a serious competition for auto manufacturers of old. I think by putting pressure on them, show them that people will will buy the products and they really don't have a choice. If they choose not to slow production of vehicles they can keep producing and not selling and i'll continue to grow my empire producing the vehicles that the world needs. Also, i watched a cool documentary i mentioned and here's a link to it,

And a little Suby Diesel love to perk up your day!

Monday, February 27, 2012

This dream of mine gets clearer and clearer with time. I just want to throw it out to the Universe and make it clear to myself as well, exactly what i'm trying to do with the Bio Diesel Subaru.

This car is only one of many, but it's the first to showcase what Hemmingsen Auto Adventure Design is all about, by taking used vehicles and making them better than they ever were before, high-mileage, capable vehicles running on sustainable fuels. This is a revolution of automotive pollution. Or, clean exhaust! I love motorsports and have every intention of building amazing high performance bio-diesel vehicles to show what some of the potentials are, such as the Bio-diesel Subaru, but all cars, commuters and family vans, SUV's and sports cars, anything and everything! With these vehicles i want to provide high-quality vehicles to the military, the firemen, police forces, storm-chasers, i want to build vehicles to accomplish these specific tasks, to help save lives and make jobs easier for the men and women who make our lives safe and secure. I'm excited to watch this grow. This will bring jobs to so many out of work mechanics, and now they can build awesome vehicles, something they can be proud and motivated to produce. I'll always remember Jim Rohn talking about a project he was working on called, "how to turn nothing into something." Now there's an idea I can't wait to put into practice. :) I just want to say thank you to everyone who supports the project and has supported me over the years to make it possible for me to the achieve the things I came to achieve.

Friday, February 24, 2012

So, this is the video of me wrecking the bio-diesel Subaru on Christmas day, a few days after i got my GoPro, and just happen to have the camera on while i wrecked. Great camera, the mount stayed suction to the fender, the camera never skipped a beat and it's a hard impact. Tough little camera. I just want to be very clear on the fact that this is not stop the project of the bio-diesel Subaru, and in fact, things have moved forward with some support from an engine vendor. So, to keep things moving i also have another project coming back to life to show that it's much more environmentally friendly, cost effective, and WAY more fun to take used vehicles and bring them back to top condition and swap them to a sustainable or alternative fuel source. My Jeep project is also going to be rocking bio-diesel 4bt cummins and will be another featured build. The Jeep will fill time until i can find another Subaru. Here's the video everyone's been waiting for, enjoy...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So, i wrecked the Subaru on Christmas day and have just been kind of avoiding the subject of it at all, but really, i need to get things movin'.  I need another car, i finally got my engine sponsor and even though they aren't supplying me with engines, they are giving me an amazing deal, and i have the support i need to get things rockin'.  I lost some hope their for a bit, having wrecked the car, no sponsors and was just feelin' stuck.  Really though, things are moving along great, i got engine sponsor, all the parts support i could need, i just need to get some cash flowin' so i can buy a new RS for this swap.

With this break in time, it gave me a chance to really re-evaluate why i'm doing this, why i think it's important and what can really be done with a vehicle like this?  I want to show the world that it's well within reach for a cheap price and by bringing older cars back to the road and hopefully slowing the need to keep producing new vehicles in such high numbers.  This car can be the start of an automotive revolution.  The public can see how buying a car that is 5-10 years old can be put to like-new condition with a new engine that is going to get them 50-60 miles per gallon consistently,  all the time, making good power, driving comfortably on the road, no under-powered diesel vehicles like those of not too many years ago.  I'm excited to bring a badass car to the road that is affordable, fast, fun to drive, produces minimal emissions running on a fuel source that is RENEWABLE!!!

More and more promising developments. The aftermarket is growing for these engines now too. I'll get another car and we'll be on our way with this project.

I also wanted to make mention of another project i'm also starting on soon, which is just a family project, finishing the Jeep build, my '89 XJ, it was a 4 wheel drive project i started about 5 or 6 years ago, and it's been sitting since i started with the suspension and didn't finish it, so it was not drive-able due to no steering, and short control arms that wouldn't allow the springs to relax and caused gnarly drive-line angles.