Saturday, June 30, 2012

My attention never seems to leave this Bio-diesel Subaru.  It's all i'm thinkin' about all the time and it's been awhile since i've taken a step back, but this whole project, the goal even, has grown much bigger than what it started out to be.  At first i just wanted to have a badass Subaru, unlike anyone else, and really the way i thought Subaru should've produced it in the first place.  Now it's been two years since the idea and i'm still diggin', tryin' to get this thing together, but it's SO much more now.  I have a clear plan of action, a specific method for making huge change in the world.  Now we're not talking about 1 cool vehicle being produced, but shifting the way people buy cars in the world.  Very cool.  I have a clear image and i'm gonna stick to it until i get there.  It's been exciting lately, talking to lots of businesses and people and applying for grants and all kinds of cool stuff.  Soon i'll have my shop and start bringing new fuel options to the world.  I was just reflecting a bit and thought i'd share.  Have a great weekend, we'll hit it again monday!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Bio-Diesel Subaru...i love it.  It lights up my face every single time i say it, and i say it a LOT :).  But, i have been talking about it like it's the future of autos, and is.  The funny part is, i'm building the car using all factory parts to begin with, old stuff.  I think there is hidden potential all over the place and i think as a whole, people are starting to shift the way they think and use more potential and less of our resources.  Cool stuff.  Every day i come up with new ideas for ways to create energy, movement, transportation and food.  The more things i come up with the more creative my ideas seem to become.  I have been working on an old project of mine that had some big speed-bumps, the Rotary Diesel.  This has some internal flow issues, but yeah, some new creative ideas and i grabbed an old engine i had and maybe that can be next summers new project, the things i will create are going to change the world.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I was watching a documentary on fuel and energy use in America called, "Gashole."  It really got me thinking about my points of view on the topic and after doing some thinking and writing on it, i knew i wanted to share it here because why i'm doing this i believe is what makes it more than just a cool build-up of a performance vehicle.

Where to there's supposed to be this big oil crisis.  They tell us all the time in politics.  Each politician puts their own spin on what's going on and where we're going to do about it.  The reality is, individual citizens can't do much for quick change in politics, all they can do is change the politician.  There is a lot of information that i found really entertaining and feasible in the documentary about the links between politics, oil companies and auto manufacturers.  I'm not going to go into detail because i can't say what is for sure fact and not from the documentary or in the government or anywhere else unless i saw it with my eyes.  The way i see it is that it doesn't matter if there is a shortage or not at the moment because our oil is coming from other countries.  Bottom line, if we buy oil from someone, they have control over everything we use the oil they sold us for.  In our case we were not careful and are now addicts of oil.  Addictions like this put you in a bad situation because the person in control of whatever it is that you "need", has complete control over you.  It will cause you to make decisions not with your best interest in mind, but simply getting it(oil in this case) will be the only acceptable solution.  So, with a shortage, you pay high prices.  Oil companies say there is a shortage, you pay high prices, whether there is a shortage or not because you don't control the oil but can't live without it.  Or can you...

...Fossil fuels pollute air, land and sea.  The fuels are limited.  Unsafe to handle, transport and use.  Oh, and they are being sold to us by other countries, and not particularly friendly ones from what i hear.  The alternatives create local jobs, local money and reduce our nations national debt and carbon foot-print, at the same time.  Oh, and these fuels can be run in every vehicle currently on the road today and with further development of the fuels, will push vehicle capability to new heights...nope, we don't need no stinkin' fossil fuels!

What is cool, is the way our country and economy have been built around the oil, when we replace it with our own products made in our own country, it gives our nation a new method for managing it's economy.  Right now we depend on this oil, and the people who built the empires that run the oil industry are in it to make lots of money.  They have done a great job at it for a long time.  But, we can make a change, we can take control.  As individuals we can take our country back by being willing to step-up and do what we can.  Whether it's making bio-diesel in your garage or leading a political campaign.  Maybe you want to own a business and hey, we need bio-diesel, so why not start production?  Grease/Oil recycling and refining companies need to be built, automobiles need to be manufactured for sustainable fuel use ONLY, we can make this change with the goal of fixing our country and our planet.  By changing our motivating goal, we change the outcome.

So far politicians have hid behind the fact that it lies on consumer's shoulders to refuse to buy the products and to force a change.  Well...yeah, but we have kids, jobs and life happening around us.  The people need options, and it's a change, not a switch.  It will take time, but it happens one person, one great idea, one set of cajones to be willing to do it!  People will come together, the industry of sustainable fuels is already growing every day, and a new future is coming.  I'm glad to be at the front of a revolution ;)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Building and racing the most unique, high-performance vehicles has always been a dream.  Every car, well, every anything i've ever owned, i've been inspired to improve it.  Cars, Trucks, 4 wheel drive, all-wheel-drive, front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or just has wings...i don't care, i want to make it better, faster, more stable, fly longer, be submersible or float.  If it isn't supposed to do that, i will see how it could be done.  If it already does that, i will figure out how it can do "that" better.  It's not just a passion, it's my gift, but only in the last few years have I really looked at bigger problems. As humans, we seem to be great at producing cool stuff, and not so great about the "where do we put it?" question.  But boy does it create an opportunity for improvement, right?  What about a vehicle that was not only super high-performance and environmentally friendly, while running on sustainable fuels, but it keeps cars on the road and shows others how to do the same.  This is a world-wide, revolution in automotive lifestyle and habit.  Now buying a new car isn't a drain on the planet, but actually helping protect and save it.  This is dream worthy.  This is my dream.

My dream is to not just build this one car, but to start with this one car.  One car to inspire a community, and then a country, and eventually the planet.  After one car, show everyone where they can buy one, or build their own even.  My dream is to motivate people so deep down that it spreads across our great nation.  I'm going to build the Subaru that sets the par for not only what Subaru's should be, but what we as consumers should expect out of an automobile.

If we don't expect 60mpg, 300 horsepower with traction and sexy looks, running on fryer grease, why shouldn't we deserve to have that?  That's what i expect, i have the capability to do it, and i want to show you it's ok for you to expect that as well. Not only show you, but give you an option to buy one!

The next step is to find a financial supporter.  I'm still out there looking.  I will find the right person, business or group.  It's just a matter of time.  I've been calling and emailing, sending out forms, talking to people, i'm getting it out there, and the Universe will reward those efforts, i'm confident.  My dreams are becoming a reality and yours can too!

Monday, June 11, 2012

YES!  i was looking at the Department of Energy and found that this project fits exactly into one of the grants available on their site.  It's a grant for the purpose of developing and spreading knowledge of sustainable fuel options.  The only problem is the grant is a minimum $250,000 grant for a big project.  I need to team up with a bigger entity, a company, a school, something...but it's a good option and it offers whoever does team up with me, a big cash incentive, or at least the opportunity for it.  So, my next target is to find out how to write an awesome proposal and find myself a sponsor business or non-profit.  The other option is to create a bigger plan that can use that type of money.  I have always had the plan of creating a company to produce the products that i'm trying to spread to the world.  I really believe people will gladly use bio-diesel, if they have an option that is both financially comparable and more importantly, CONVENIENT!  I want to produce enough high-quality, like new, bio-diesel vehicles to give people an option when buying cars.

But, for now, lets stay focused on building the Subaru.  The Subaru project needs to lay down some clear plans for actions. Which records are important, what capabilities do i really want to showcase, and how far will this car travel?  I would love to hear some feed back on what others would like to see it do, what would really motivate you to buy bio-diesel car next time around?  My personal goals are to set a diesel land speed record of some kind, win a rally, climb Pike's Peak for time, set a miles per gallon record while crossing the United States, and most importantly, i would like to hit LOTS of local type events (fairs, car shows, boat races...) and get involved with people, let people check this car out.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A child riding a bike for the first time down the side-walk sees a rock in the middle of the road, the closer the child gets the more angst builds up and the more those eyes are glued to this rock and the bigger the rock gets.  Bigger and bigger until front tire meets rock and CRASH!  Now...a teenager is riding a bike down the same side-walk and the same rock is sitting there, the teenager catches a glimpse of the rock and never looks back at it, but instead looks to the new path needed to avoid the rock.  It's a simple idea but it is a Universal law that the things you pay attention to are going to grow in your life.  If you complain a lot, you are focusing on problems and not solutions, and those problems are getting larger and larger all the time, aren't they?  Now if you are a positive attitude, livin' life in it's jolly stride type of person, you probably don't focus on the problem as much, but still, there is another type that are very aware of this Law of the Universe and they look for solutions when they experience or see a problem.  When they focus on solutions, solutions grow and become quite amazing answers that change the world.

Now...why am i ranting about the Law of Attraction in my performance motorsports blog?  Well, fossil fuel use and use of resources in general are the problems.  The solution i see right now is to make everyone aware that we need to look for solutions.  Through the bio-diesel Subaru, i want to do this.  But really what i am explaining here is, what if EVERYONE looked at the same solutions?  The power to create effect change would be so high, so many minds thinking creatively to cooperate with eachother and this planet while solving problems.  The fuel issue is one big one, but far from the only one.  Natural gas drilling is a problem, production of plastics, the methods of food production.  We need to take responsibility and take action ourselves.  As a public, American's are the worst about sitting and complaining at our elected officials to fix problems.  We've become a country of whining wieners as a whole, and i refuse to be one these.  I am going to build this Subaru and help educate the wieners in the Country of some options they can take right now.  I need support though, i need more focus on my solution.  Who wants to have some fun helping me change the world?