Monday, February 27, 2012

This dream of mine gets clearer and clearer with time. I just want to throw it out to the Universe and make it clear to myself as well, exactly what i'm trying to do with the Bio Diesel Subaru.

This car is only one of many, but it's the first to showcase what Hemmingsen Auto Adventure Design is all about, by taking used vehicles and making them better than they ever were before, high-mileage, capable vehicles running on sustainable fuels. This is a revolution of automotive pollution. Or, clean exhaust! I love motorsports and have every intention of building amazing high performance bio-diesel vehicles to show what some of the potentials are, such as the Bio-diesel Subaru, but all cars, commuters and family vans, SUV's and sports cars, anything and everything! With these vehicles i want to provide high-quality vehicles to the military, the firemen, police forces, storm-chasers, i want to build vehicles to accomplish these specific tasks, to help save lives and make jobs easier for the men and women who make our lives safe and secure. I'm excited to watch this grow. This will bring jobs to so many out of work mechanics, and now they can build awesome vehicles, something they can be proud and motivated to produce. I'll always remember Jim Rohn talking about a project he was working on called, "how to turn nothing into something." Now there's an idea I can't wait to put into practice. :) I just want to say thank you to everyone who supports the project and has supported me over the years to make it possible for me to the achieve the things I came to achieve.

Friday, February 24, 2012

So, this is the video of me wrecking the bio-diesel Subaru on Christmas day, a few days after i got my GoPro, and just happen to have the camera on while i wrecked. Great camera, the mount stayed suction to the fender, the camera never skipped a beat and it's a hard impact. Tough little camera. I just want to be very clear on the fact that this is not stop the project of the bio-diesel Subaru, and in fact, things have moved forward with some support from an engine vendor. So, to keep things moving i also have another project coming back to life to show that it's much more environmentally friendly, cost effective, and WAY more fun to take used vehicles and bring them back to top condition and swap them to a sustainable or alternative fuel source. My Jeep project is also going to be rocking bio-diesel 4bt cummins and will be another featured build. The Jeep will fill time until i can find another Subaru. Here's the video everyone's been waiting for, enjoy...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So, i wrecked the Subaru on Christmas day and have just been kind of avoiding the subject of it at all, but really, i need to get things movin'.  I need another car, i finally got my engine sponsor and even though they aren't supplying me with engines, they are giving me an amazing deal, and i have the support i need to get things rockin'.  I lost some hope their for a bit, having wrecked the car, no sponsors and was just feelin' stuck.  Really though, things are moving along great, i got engine sponsor, all the parts support i could need, i just need to get some cash flowin' so i can buy a new RS for this swap.

With this break in time, it gave me a chance to really re-evaluate why i'm doing this, why i think it's important and what can really be done with a vehicle like this?  I want to show the world that it's well within reach for a cheap price and by bringing older cars back to the road and hopefully slowing the need to keep producing new vehicles in such high numbers.  This car can be the start of an automotive revolution.  The public can see how buying a car that is 5-10 years old can be put to like-new condition with a new engine that is going to get them 50-60 miles per gallon consistently,  all the time, making good power, driving comfortably on the road, no under-powered diesel vehicles like those of not too many years ago.  I'm excited to bring a badass car to the road that is affordable, fast, fun to drive, produces minimal emissions running on a fuel source that is RENEWABLE!!!

More and more promising developments. The aftermarket is growing for these engines now too. I'll get another car and we'll be on our way with this project.

I also wanted to make mention of another project i'm also starting on soon, which is just a family project, finishing the Jeep build, my '89 XJ, it was a 4 wheel drive project i started about 5 or 6 years ago, and it's been sitting since i started with the suspension and didn't finish it, so it was not drive-able due to no steering, and short control arms that wouldn't allow the springs to relax and caused gnarly drive-line angles.