Friday, October 28, 2011

So, i got shut down from Azure Bio-diesel today. Got an e-mail saying they weren't capable of sponsoring the car. That's alright, hopefully the company grows and someday they'll throw me hand-fulls of cash just for racing with bio-diesel ;) I'll just keep tryin', keep sending out emails to people who can benefit from the advertising i have to offer. I'm really thinking a "bio-diesel day" is store. I think that'd be a great way for a bio-fuel distributor to bring out a bunch of fuel, sell it at a discounted cost, move TONS of fuel and get more and more people making the switch. Any ol' bloke with a diesel pick-up can come fill up for a good price while supporting a good cause, and maybe in the future that company put a few pumps around the area, and boom, just like that you have a new bio-diesel market. Bring the race car out, get people fired up about the event. I have ideas, i just need investment people! Lets make some stuff happen.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I got some responses recently about hybrid cars.  It got my mind wandering down the road of useless cover-up ideas to deal with problems.  It seems like it's almost become an accepted way to deal with problems, to distract yourself from it, or cover it up with something similar to a fix, but not quite.  I don't really agree.  If you're going to fix a problem, it should not be a problem when you're done.  It shouldn't end up as "less of a problem" or "easier to deal with."  I don't care if a vehicle gets 100 miles per gallon of fuel used, if it's using fossil fuels.  It's not helpful to kill the planet, ourselves, or anything else, slowly or slower than what we previously were doing.  We have pushed the environment to it's limits and now it's time to take actions that start reducing the problems completely.  Bio-diesel isn't a perfect fix, but it is at least sustainable and the pollutants are much lower.  Not only that, but diesel engines technology for emissions is getting very high, some great new emissions tactics are being used to keep the exhaust clean.  New diesel burn extremely clean.  With the fuels being made from sustainable sources it puts a stop to buying foreign oils which puts dollars right back in YOUR pocket immediately.  Let's keep looking for options that only produce positive results.  Let's avoid anything with side-effects ;)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

 This is a great video with great information on the actual extent of what it would take for us to make fuels sustainable.  I think a lot of people either don't care to think about it, what sustainable really is, or the fact that we even need a new option.  Most people are very happy to go to the pump and pay for gas, they have too many other things to worry about, kids to pick up, dinner to cook, or a stupid job...whatever it is.  Anyways, it's pretty obvious that health problems are through the rough, i heard something like 1 in 2 people will have cancer in their life in America.  That's gross.  And i mean, look at the level of toxins we pump into just the air we breathe with vehicles that put out some nasty emissions.  We are also taking this fuel from a source that we have no way of knowing the limits of, but do know for sure that it is limited.  That seems like an obvious reason not to take from that tree in the first place, it doesn't grow fruit, when they're all gone, that's it.  I also love that with biofuels, you get to keep it all local.  Waste products from your own town, whether it's waste treatment with microalgae or simply picking up fryer grease from some local restaurants.  When people begin setting up facilities to produce and sell the biofuels locally it will also be creating jobs.  This new future is just around the corner.  

On the BioDiesel Subaru subject, no word back yet from Pacific PowerTrain Inc., but i did send out an email to Sequential Bio Fuels, telling them what i'm trying to do, hopefully i can get in touch with them soon.  I am really excited about the idea of taking the car to different schools and getting the youth inspired to create new things using biofuels and new ways to create sustainable fuels.  Excited to hopefully help motivate them to create the sustainable future we need.  It's everyone's responsibility, but permanent change truly rests on the shoulders of our youth.  This car will be a fun way for me to share something i love, in motor-sports, with kids all over the country.  Regardless of whether or not i get sponsors, my Subaru will be sporting an EE20 turbo diesel running on bio-diesel by next summer and the following winter i'll start campaigning the car around the country.  I just want to say thanks to any readers, followers and supporters.  This project is going to take off soon.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Still haven't heard anything back from Pacific Powertrain Inc., but i'm not discouraged.  The more reading i'm doing about getting sponsorships, the more i realize i need to work on my salemanship and ability to present my ideas and goals to people to really motivate people to want to support this.  So, i picked up a couple of books, and i'm just going to keep trying to convince people to support the cause.  I should figure it out eventually ;)  Anyone out in the world who is skilled in this area, anyone who has some ideas, i'd love to hear, please email:  I'm going to contact 5 companies or groups tomorrow and pitch to them, see what kind of results i get.  Nothing new going on with the car, looking at picking up some WRX struts to throw on it, when i do, i'll photo and log it.  Everyone enjoy the weekend!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Some new happenings. Found a couple of potential sponsors, and starting to put together a more solid game plan so i can keep the ball rolling. putting together mission statements and business plans isn't really what you think about when you start developing that amazing idea, but as you start taking the steps to get done what needs to be done, you find yourself doing a lot of reading and writing before any work gets done. Hopefully very soon though, i'll have an engine and can start this swap. I'm excited for this video series, i think it will be very cool to add the EE20 to the desired engines swap list, and i'm VERY FREAKING excited about having that engine in my RS. Just because i like talking about it, i'm going to lay out my basic plan for the car in the form of a big parts list basically.
Chassis: 1998 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS
Engine: EE20 Turbo Diesel
Trans: STi 6 speed w/dccd
R. Diff: R180 04-up STi
Hubs: STi 5x114
Brakes: STi Brembos
And that's enough day-dreaming. The purpose for this is to spread knowledge of sustainable fuels, so today, i'm going to spit out some facts about the positive effects of bio-diesel.

Bio-diesel is the only fuel to pass the EPA-required Health Effects testing. It burns cleaner while also helping maintain the engine itself, the fuel system, while a 78.5% reduction in CO2 emissions in commparison to normal pump petroleum based diesel. Using bio-diesel also creates local jobs and reduces our need for foreign oils.  I encourage anyone reading to go to the site and read up on what the actual cost of using foreign oil is, when you factor in the cost of the military to secure it, the cost of cleaning up the environment, and all these other things that aren't calculated when talking about these problems. This information was provided by

I'd like to make sure Jeremy Clarkson thoroughly regrets making that statement.  The Bio-Diesel Subaru is going to lay down some serious performance.  Have to fly it to jolly-ol' England for a go-round ye olde test track (been working on my accent for the trip) follow it up with a bit of tea and crumpets, maybe a game o' cricket.