Sunday, December 18, 2011

So, i haven't acquired any major sponsors yet, but we've had the Subaru out for some fun anyways.  Here are a few photos.  Coming up with some new ideas for this project.  But yeah, here are a few things to check out if you'd like.  Also, if you're interested in understanding a bit more about what i'm doing, here's a link to one of my proposal letters, it gives a better set of info.  The bio-diesel Subaru will be underway soon, i can feel it! Bio-diesel Subaru project sponsorship proposal
Pictures from both N. CA and So. Or.

Still on the hunt for sponsors. No major break-throughs, but i did get a 10% discount from Perrin performance, which i'm so thankful for, but i need to get the diesel engine first before i can buy any cool parts for it. I have been out doin' some playing though and thought i'd share some of these awesome photos...