Sunday, December 18, 2011

So, i haven't acquired any major sponsors yet, but we've had the Subaru out for some fun anyways.  Here are a few photos.  Coming up with some new ideas for this project.  But yeah, here are a few things to check out if you'd like.  Also, if you're interested in understanding a bit more about what i'm doing, here's a link to one of my proposal letters, it gives a better set of info.  The bio-diesel Subaru will be underway soon, i can feel it! Bio-diesel Subaru project sponsorship proposal
Pictures from both N. CA and So. Or.

Still on the hunt for sponsors. No major break-throughs, but i did get a 10% discount from Perrin performance, which i'm so thankful for, but i need to get the diesel engine first before i can buy any cool parts for it. I have been out doin' some playing though and thought i'd share some of these awesome photos...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

So, how's everyone doing? i'm doin' great! feelin' really excited about things coming together. This project is going to be very fun, it's going to be a big winter, and i mean how often do you get to look forward to winter? I know, working out in the cold is going to get old i'm sure, but in the end, the result...this 60 mpg, 150mph, awd, turbo-bio-diesel race car is going to be amazing. Been working more on fuels and stuff for the beast. I figure race cars run race race cars need race bio-diesel. So, i did some research on exactly what that would be and stuff, was sharing some of those numbers. It got me thinking though, if there was such a thing, how would diesel engines change to take advantage of higher quality fuel? higher compression or lower compression? Definitely more boost and more compression i would think. It'll be cool to be able to keep track of what exactly happens with different fuels, like higher or lower cetane ratings, or different products to make the fuels initially. See how it effects the dyno is the part i'm curious about. will a higher cetane number result in a narrower torque/power curve with higher peak numbers or the other way around. I'm sure there is already numbers and info. out there from all the big power diesel truck guys, but i would like to do it to make my own fuel. having the experience and the notes to refer to will be helpful when i'm trying to create fuels with a specific purpose. This is gonna be awesome! Can't wait to see everyone on the tarmac, or Youtube! later daters

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Howdy folks.  Really getting excited, Fall is really setting in, that means it's almost time to get to work on this Bio-Diesel Subaru.  I can't wait to have turbo-diesel power.  But, one of the things i was excited for in this whole project is being able to make my own race fuel.  Since i'm already making my bio-diesel, what can i do to improve it's performance?  Well, there are some differences in diesel, like Cetane rating instead of Octane.  Because the ignition source for diesel is compression, it's important to know how long it takes for the fuel to ignite from the time it enters the high heat compressed air in the chamber.  The higher the cetane rating the sooner this ignition occurs after being injected.  Where Octane is the fuels ability to resist compression ignition.  Normal diesel fuel is around 45, almost all man-made diesels are around 50-55 whether bio-diesel or synthetic diesel.  So, performance diesel should be at least 55 i think.  And the next major factor is Viscosity.  Small changes in viscosity can really change how quickly that fuel enters and spreads in a combustion chamber, and viscosity is also going to change with temp, so a fuel resistant to fuel is also going to be a big plus.  So, the fuel should be super thin and stay that way even in cold temps.  The last issue to improve performance is to remove ALL traces of perephin wax and any other wax stuff.  So, i'm going to get to work on that and let ya know what i come up with. 

I also am going to produce and store some of this Bio-diesel i'm making and i'm going to raffle off some full tanks of fuel to help pay for the engine and transmission for this swap.  It'll be a good money maker i think.  We all want a tank of fuel, right?  Ok, and here is some awesome entertainment.

it's not bio-diesel BUT it could've been and it's WAY cool. got plenty of records of it's own.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I went to blow off some steam and get my weekly relaxation. I decided i'm going to start making a lot more videos and content in general of the Subaru. This was everyone can watch the car change instead of reading a bunch of my nonsense all the time. Next month i'll get my GoPro and quality will be much higher. Until then, i'm going to start using a camera person instead of driving and video taping. I'd be able to drive a lot faster and the video will look way better. I had a lot of fun today though. Demoralized a 5 door protege while shooting one of those videos. It's a home-field advantage though, i've been driving that road for almost 10 years now, i know every bump on it. I'm not sure there are many people on the planet, if any, faster than me on that road. Hopefully by next summer we can start having some enthusiast meets and cruises. On a side note, i just scored a 55 gal. hot water heater, going to use it to make myself some Bio-diesel. Going to do some raffles and see if i can start raising the dollars needed for this project.

Friday, November 11, 2011

just filling these pages with text and other people's videos is getting old. So, been thinking maybe i'll order some of the things the car needs other than the engine and trans. and start getting some more content up here. The struts are WAY blown on that thing, so step one will be tracking down some WRX struts to put on the RS so it'll be ready for the feel inserts. Now, i'm hoping i can find some low mileage ones so i can ride those for awhile, those feel inserts are awesome and way cheaper than rally coil-overs, but i don't have an extra G layin' around at the moment. So, one step at a time. Step one, Struts, step two, rear diff. and hubs. Then brakes, then strut inserts...somewhere along the way, the EE20 and mt6. what a wonderful pair. This thing is going to rock the world.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm getting very excited about this project. I have been for some time actually. It's been slow getting things rollin', but i'm still pushin', and it will pick up speed soon. Being a salesman, going out and trying to convince people to give up their money for you, is a skill for sure. One i don't yet have, but every person i approach gives me a little more practice. But, this is an automotive blog about let's talk about that. Through i will be able to have the car on a racetrack almost every single month out of the year. I am starting to feel like everyday that car isn't done is a day i'm losing out on to become a better driver. In the end, that's my dream...i want to be a driver, i want to compete. This car will provide a great platform. It will be reliable with the r180 rear end and late model 6mt transmission, running late model axles, the drivetrain should be solid. The engine will start at stock specs., and built up from season to season, so it should be at least two seasons before any major issues with that. I'm looking forward to really showing people the potential of this car, and how efficient it can be in terms of limiting waste while we race. That's what this whole project is about, proving that this sport serves a purpose beyond advertising Viagra, Nextel and provides inspiration and motivation, it provides heroic battles of nerves, man and machine. This little Subaru is going to do just that. Now...just finding some money to get it and keep it on track...we'll be all good. Here is a video of the competition of the future ;)

p.s. i just had a genius idea that was so in front of my face it didn't occur to me to PROVE my car's ability to advertise. That's what i'm trying to sell here right? good advertisement. I'm just going to start building the car and and start my video series and then they can see that people want this car! alright, that's all for now. Here's a sick video of the gobstopper, my petrol powered benchmark.

Friday, October 28, 2011

So, i got shut down from Azure Bio-diesel today. Got an e-mail saying they weren't capable of sponsoring the car. That's alright, hopefully the company grows and someday they'll throw me hand-fulls of cash just for racing with bio-diesel ;) I'll just keep tryin', keep sending out emails to people who can benefit from the advertising i have to offer. I'm really thinking a "bio-diesel day" is store. I think that'd be a great way for a bio-fuel distributor to bring out a bunch of fuel, sell it at a discounted cost, move TONS of fuel and get more and more people making the switch. Any ol' bloke with a diesel pick-up can come fill up for a good price while supporting a good cause, and maybe in the future that company put a few pumps around the area, and boom, just like that you have a new bio-diesel market. Bring the race car out, get people fired up about the event. I have ideas, i just need investment people! Lets make some stuff happen.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I got some responses recently about hybrid cars.  It got my mind wandering down the road of useless cover-up ideas to deal with problems.  It seems like it's almost become an accepted way to deal with problems, to distract yourself from it, or cover it up with something similar to a fix, but not quite.  I don't really agree.  If you're going to fix a problem, it should not be a problem when you're done.  It shouldn't end up as "less of a problem" or "easier to deal with."  I don't care if a vehicle gets 100 miles per gallon of fuel used, if it's using fossil fuels.  It's not helpful to kill the planet, ourselves, or anything else, slowly or slower than what we previously were doing.  We have pushed the environment to it's limits and now it's time to take actions that start reducing the problems completely.  Bio-diesel isn't a perfect fix, but it is at least sustainable and the pollutants are much lower.  Not only that, but diesel engines technology for emissions is getting very high, some great new emissions tactics are being used to keep the exhaust clean.  New diesel burn extremely clean.  With the fuels being made from sustainable sources it puts a stop to buying foreign oils which puts dollars right back in YOUR pocket immediately.  Let's keep looking for options that only produce positive results.  Let's avoid anything with side-effects ;)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

 This is a great video with great information on the actual extent of what it would take for us to make fuels sustainable.  I think a lot of people either don't care to think about it, what sustainable really is, or the fact that we even need a new option.  Most people are very happy to go to the pump and pay for gas, they have too many other things to worry about, kids to pick up, dinner to cook, or a stupid job...whatever it is.  Anyways, it's pretty obvious that health problems are through the rough, i heard something like 1 in 2 people will have cancer in their life in America.  That's gross.  And i mean, look at the level of toxins we pump into just the air we breathe with vehicles that put out some nasty emissions.  We are also taking this fuel from a source that we have no way of knowing the limits of, but do know for sure that it is limited.  That seems like an obvious reason not to take from that tree in the first place, it doesn't grow fruit, when they're all gone, that's it.  I also love that with biofuels, you get to keep it all local.  Waste products from your own town, whether it's waste treatment with microalgae or simply picking up fryer grease from some local restaurants.  When people begin setting up facilities to produce and sell the biofuels locally it will also be creating jobs.  This new future is just around the corner.  

On the BioDiesel Subaru subject, no word back yet from Pacific PowerTrain Inc., but i did send out an email to Sequential Bio Fuels, telling them what i'm trying to do, hopefully i can get in touch with them soon.  I am really excited about the idea of taking the car to different schools and getting the youth inspired to create new things using biofuels and new ways to create sustainable fuels.  Excited to hopefully help motivate them to create the sustainable future we need.  It's everyone's responsibility, but permanent change truly rests on the shoulders of our youth.  This car will be a fun way for me to share something i love, in motor-sports, with kids all over the country.  Regardless of whether or not i get sponsors, my Subaru will be sporting an EE20 turbo diesel running on bio-diesel by next summer and the following winter i'll start campaigning the car around the country.  I just want to say thanks to any readers, followers and supporters.  This project is going to take off soon.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Still haven't heard anything back from Pacific Powertrain Inc., but i'm not discouraged.  The more reading i'm doing about getting sponsorships, the more i realize i need to work on my salemanship and ability to present my ideas and goals to people to really motivate people to want to support this.  So, i picked up a couple of books, and i'm just going to keep trying to convince people to support the cause.  I should figure it out eventually ;)  Anyone out in the world who is skilled in this area, anyone who has some ideas, i'd love to hear, please email:  I'm going to contact 5 companies or groups tomorrow and pitch to them, see what kind of results i get.  Nothing new going on with the car, looking at picking up some WRX struts to throw on it, when i do, i'll photo and log it.  Everyone enjoy the weekend!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Some new happenings. Found a couple of potential sponsors, and starting to put together a more solid game plan so i can keep the ball rolling. putting together mission statements and business plans isn't really what you think about when you start developing that amazing idea, but as you start taking the steps to get done what needs to be done, you find yourself doing a lot of reading and writing before any work gets done. Hopefully very soon though, i'll have an engine and can start this swap. I'm excited for this video series, i think it will be very cool to add the EE20 to the desired engines swap list, and i'm VERY FREAKING excited about having that engine in my RS. Just because i like talking about it, i'm going to lay out my basic plan for the car in the form of a big parts list basically.
Chassis: 1998 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS
Engine: EE20 Turbo Diesel
Trans: STi 6 speed w/dccd
R. Diff: R180 04-up STi
Hubs: STi 5x114
Brakes: STi Brembos
And that's enough day-dreaming. The purpose for this is to spread knowledge of sustainable fuels, so today, i'm going to spit out some facts about the positive effects of bio-diesel.

Bio-diesel is the only fuel to pass the EPA-required Health Effects testing. It burns cleaner while also helping maintain the engine itself, the fuel system, while a 78.5% reduction in CO2 emissions in commparison to normal pump petroleum based diesel. Using bio-diesel also creates local jobs and reduces our need for foreign oils.  I encourage anyone reading to go to the site and read up on what the actual cost of using foreign oil is, when you factor in the cost of the military to secure it, the cost of cleaning up the environment, and all these other things that aren't calculated when talking about these problems. This information was provided by

I'd like to make sure Jeremy Clarkson thoroughly regrets making that statement.  The Bio-Diesel Subaru is going to lay down some serious performance.  Have to fly it to jolly-ol' England for a go-round ye olde test track (been working on my accent for the trip) follow it up with a bit of tea and crumpets, maybe a game o' cricket.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Here's a great video with Jay Leno, even he runs a little biodiesel.

So, i haven't been on much, but plans have most definitely not come to a stop. I'm still trying to put together some type of organization to raise money to build this thing. They talk about the potential of bio fuels and what it can do for our economy all the way down to raising the economical problems, helpin' the farmers, reducing economic need for fuels imported from Iraq and so many other options.

The biodiesel race car is waiting to be built, get out there, teach the youth of America why we need to make the shift and get people really researching it's future potentials. If you have any ideas, or are interested in helping with this project, i'd love to hear from you. Please email,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yesterdays workout didn't make it on camera, batteries died, i think maybe one or two pics, but no video. I will get that up when i grab some new batteries. Workout was good though, had some fun.

Ring Dips, 5 sets of 5 reps focusing on external rotation and lockout at the top, keep core tight and a neutral spine through range of motion, and good shoulder position at the bottom.

Handstand holds 15 seconds x 3, again, focusing on external rotation and keeping core tight, nice and straight all the way through the toes.

Finished with a quick 21-15-9 of 1.5pd KB swings and seated leg raises (like a sitting V-sit only moving from the floor and reaching up each rep)

was able to get a pic. off the camera of a ring dip. i'm going to try and keep some evidence everyday though, keep some pressure on myself to work harder in the gym all the time.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

exactly! create local jobs, reduce dependence on foreign oils, displace fossil fuels with a renewable resource, it's just on the people to get out and buy it. that's all that's left. I hope this car can be an ambassador of that message!

Monday, August 15, 2011

this bad boy runs on 100% bio diesel

There are more and more people all the time, more and more companies, and major organizations spending big money on bio-diesel powered performance vehicles. That boat is freaking amazing. I hope i can count my Subaru among them soon. I've also been finding different race series specifically for bio-diesel only racing, which i think is a great way to spread bio fuels and there use, but what i really believe needs to happen is more and more bio fuel powered vehicles need to win races in normal, existing major race series. Bio-diesel powered cars winning Le Mans, or Daytona, or 24h at Nuremberg, a bio fuel win in WRC would be awesome, or how about a formula 1 win powered by a bio fuel of some sort? it's just around the corner, the technology is here, now it just needs to continue spreading, and i have full faith that it will be a smooth transition away from petrol fuels. Seems like everyone is always waiting on the one thing that's gonna kill us all...but maybe, it's just all gonna to be all right ;) All you cynics out there, knock it off!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm very excited about this week. This week i'm gonna hit the pavement and go see what type of sponsorship moneys i can gather up. I'm looking to try and raise $10,000 from local businesses. If i can do that, that will cover the engine, transmission and lots of little odds and ends it will take to get the engine in the car and get it running and driving. This is not going to cover any performance upgrades, but it's enough to get a good start and hopefully i can pick-up at least 1 big sponsor, who really believes in what we're doing and supports the cause. This project will be good for the rogue valley, the subaru community as well as any company or business willing to put their name on the car. I'm going to do a good job of making this car popular and well known. Very excited though, i can't wait to see the feedback from the community. Also, i'm going to be getting up in the dirt around the area the next couple weeks, if anyone is interested in coming out and playing around, i have some other advertisement to work on and need to get some "action shots." Anyone who is interested in joining the fun, just comment here or email, Keep it dirty y'all!

for vitamin and supplements of ridiculous quality, check these out! (improve focus and energy on track)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's a FORD video, but an awesome message right here. This is really is the exact reason i want to build the Bio Diesel Subaru racecar. Keep the hobby i love alive and growing with the needs of people.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I was asking for some input on the RS forum, anyone who's got some, please feel free to comment here or on the rs forum. 

A little motivation, people are out there doin' it.  Still not in the right car...but badass nonetheless!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I just want to say thanks to all the subaru lovers out there, coming and checkin' out the blog, i appreciate the support.

So, i FINALLY have found some overseas support from a guy i ran into on the subaru diesel forum. This is huge because i had no way to source things like pieces of the harness, or replacement parts, an ecu, just lots of things that it will take to complete the project. He also was able to send me links to some awesome websites that correlate parts of several different junkyards and make them easy to search through one location. Besides that, not a lot going on. I am gonna go make a few videos with the car i think, just so i have some footage to put up and see what kind of traffic it generates on youtube without the swap.

I would really like to see how many people have a real desire to own a subaru diesel. A lot of people on the forester and diesel forum complaining about how it isn't coming to America, but would you pay to have one swapped into your forester or other subaru? how much would you be willing to spend? why or why not? thanks for any feedback, and again, thanks for the support out there guys and girls!

getting some great feedback on the swap also, if anyone wants to check it out, here's the link to the post diesel swap in a subaru?

Friday, May 27, 2011

a turbo diesel advertising monster

So, i ran into some type of problem with blogger and the last two posts from here are gone so i would like to go over what this blog is all about and what i'm doing.

I am building my '98 Subaru 2.5RS into a bio-diesel rally car using Subaru's EE20 boxer diesel engine.

This car is not being built to race in any one specific race series, but will be seen in many events including the Rally-America Northwest region events, SCCA Rally and Solo events, Nasa Rallysport Northwest events and as many rally-x events as i can manage to get to.

My main focus when the car is initially finished is to create a Youtube Channel dedicated specifically to the car and take the car to as many of the local rally spots i can find out here on the west coast. Besides my own personal favorite rally spots i would like to meet up with different groups from the Subaru forums and go check out their local spots. Also take the car to local fairs and other events to spread the information on bio-diesel and how motorsports can continue to grow with this need for more eco-friendly fuel options. Things like fairs, auto-x, circus' and whatever other events i can find where i can take the car and educate people on how to keep motorsports growing and changing with the times.

Lastly, here are a few pictures of the car right now before i start tearin' it down, bone stock '98 RS.