Friday, May 27, 2011

a turbo diesel advertising monster

So, i ran into some type of problem with blogger and the last two posts from here are gone so i would like to go over what this blog is all about and what i'm doing.

I am building my '98 Subaru 2.5RS into a bio-diesel rally car using Subaru's EE20 boxer diesel engine.

This car is not being built to race in any one specific race series, but will be seen in many events including the Rally-America Northwest region events, SCCA Rally and Solo events, Nasa Rallysport Northwest events and as many rally-x events as i can manage to get to.

My main focus when the car is initially finished is to create a Youtube Channel dedicated specifically to the car and take the car to as many of the local rally spots i can find out here on the west coast. Besides my own personal favorite rally spots i would like to meet up with different groups from the Subaru forums and go check out their local spots. Also take the car to local fairs and other events to spread the information on bio-diesel and how motorsports can continue to grow with this need for more eco-friendly fuel options. Things like fairs, auto-x, circus' and whatever other events i can find where i can take the car and educate people on how to keep motorsports growing and changing with the times.

Lastly, here are a few pictures of the car right now before i start tearin' it down, bone stock '98 RS.

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  1. I'm also favorable to the biodiesel, and currently waiting until the warranty of my dad's Impreza hatchback to expire and then I'll slap a diesel engine on it. However, due to easier availability, I might use a Volkswagen TDI.