Monday, August 15, 2011

this bad boy runs on 100% bio diesel

There are more and more people all the time, more and more companies, and major organizations spending big money on bio-diesel powered performance vehicles. That boat is freaking amazing. I hope i can count my Subaru among them soon. I've also been finding different race series specifically for bio-diesel only racing, which i think is a great way to spread bio fuels and there use, but what i really believe needs to happen is more and more bio fuel powered vehicles need to win races in normal, existing major race series. Bio-diesel powered cars winning Le Mans, or Daytona, or 24h at Nuremberg, a bio fuel win in WRC would be awesome, or how about a formula 1 win powered by a bio fuel of some sort? it's just around the corner, the technology is here, now it just needs to continue spreading, and i have full faith that it will be a smooth transition away from petrol fuels. Seems like everyone is always waiting on the one thing that's gonna kill us all...but maybe, it's just all gonna to be all right ;) All you cynics out there, knock it off!

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