Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yesterdays workout didn't make it on camera, batteries died, i think maybe one or two pics, but no video. I will get that up when i grab some new batteries. Workout was good though, had some fun.

Ring Dips, 5 sets of 5 reps focusing on external rotation and lockout at the top, keep core tight and a neutral spine through range of motion, and good shoulder position at the bottom.

Handstand holds 15 seconds x 3, again, focusing on external rotation and keeping core tight, nice and straight all the way through the toes.

Finished with a quick 21-15-9 of 1.5pd KB swings and seated leg raises (like a sitting V-sit only moving from the floor and reaching up each rep)

was able to get a pic. off the camera of a ring dip. i'm going to try and keep some evidence everyday though, keep some pressure on myself to work harder in the gym all the time.

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