Friday, September 21, 2012

I will build the greatest vehicles the world has ever known. My vehicles will change the future of this country forever. We together can create a cleaner world, stop all dependence on foreign oil and fossil fuels, create a huge job market, bring back agricultural opportunities for farms amd farming families, and force a growth in our economy. The growth of crops to create crops to be used for bio-diesel production alao creates a new product of export. We can supply the world's clean fuel. This shift also creates a need for development of new engine technology while still being possible to put to use in current road vehicles. It stimulates growth on all levels. It takes people coming together and grouping ideas and resources to make it happen, and we Americans can take our country back from closed-minded polititions. We can create our own freedom,, freedom from foreign oil dependence, freedom from job and money shortages, and the freedom of ethical acts to benefit all and take advantage of noone. Big business will not over-shadow a man who will stand on his own two feet and carve his pplace in the world. Together rchange is possible.

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