Friday, February 24, 2012

So, this is the video of me wrecking the bio-diesel Subaru on Christmas day, a few days after i got my GoPro, and just happen to have the camera on while i wrecked. Great camera, the mount stayed suction to the fender, the camera never skipped a beat and it's a hard impact. Tough little camera. I just want to be very clear on the fact that this is not stop the project of the bio-diesel Subaru, and in fact, things have moved forward with some support from an engine vendor. So, to keep things moving i also have another project coming back to life to show that it's much more environmentally friendly, cost effective, and WAY more fun to take used vehicles and bring them back to top condition and swap them to a sustainable or alternative fuel source. My Jeep project is also going to be rocking bio-diesel 4bt cummins and will be another featured build. The Jeep will fill time until i can find another Subaru. Here's the video everyone's been waiting for, enjoy...

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