Thursday, October 20, 2011

Still haven't heard anything back from Pacific Powertrain Inc., but i'm not discouraged.  The more reading i'm doing about getting sponsorships, the more i realize i need to work on my salemanship and ability to present my ideas and goals to people to really motivate people to want to support this.  So, i picked up a couple of books, and i'm just going to keep trying to convince people to support the cause.  I should figure it out eventually ;)  Anyone out in the world who is skilled in this area, anyone who has some ideas, i'd love to hear, please email:  I'm going to contact 5 companies or groups tomorrow and pitch to them, see what kind of results i get.  Nothing new going on with the car, looking at picking up some WRX struts to throw on it, when i do, i'll photo and log it.  Everyone enjoy the weekend!

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