Monday, October 3, 2011

Some new happenings. Found a couple of potential sponsors, and starting to put together a more solid game plan so i can keep the ball rolling. putting together mission statements and business plans isn't really what you think about when you start developing that amazing idea, but as you start taking the steps to get done what needs to be done, you find yourself doing a lot of reading and writing before any work gets done. Hopefully very soon though, i'll have an engine and can start this swap. I'm excited for this video series, i think it will be very cool to add the EE20 to the desired engines swap list, and i'm VERY FREAKING excited about having that engine in my RS. Just because i like talking about it, i'm going to lay out my basic plan for the car in the form of a big parts list basically.
Chassis: 1998 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS
Engine: EE20 Turbo Diesel
Trans: STi 6 speed w/dccd
R. Diff: R180 04-up STi
Hubs: STi 5x114
Brakes: STi Brembos
And that's enough day-dreaming. The purpose for this is to spread knowledge of sustainable fuels, so today, i'm going to spit out some facts about the positive effects of bio-diesel.

Bio-diesel is the only fuel to pass the EPA-required Health Effects testing. It burns cleaner while also helping maintain the engine itself, the fuel system, while a 78.5% reduction in CO2 emissions in commparison to normal pump petroleum based diesel. Using bio-diesel also creates local jobs and reduces our need for foreign oils.  I encourage anyone reading to go to the site and read up on what the actual cost of using foreign oil is, when you factor in the cost of the military to secure it, the cost of cleaning up the environment, and all these other things that aren't calculated when talking about these problems. This information was provided by

I'd like to make sure Jeremy Clarkson thoroughly regrets making that statement.  The Bio-Diesel Subaru is going to lay down some serious performance.  Have to fly it to jolly-ol' England for a go-round ye olde test track (been working on my accent for the trip) follow it up with a bit of tea and crumpets, maybe a game o' cricket.

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