Thursday, October 27, 2011

I got some responses recently about hybrid cars.  It got my mind wandering down the road of useless cover-up ideas to deal with problems.  It seems like it's almost become an accepted way to deal with problems, to distract yourself from it, or cover it up with something similar to a fix, but not quite.  I don't really agree.  If you're going to fix a problem, it should not be a problem when you're done.  It shouldn't end up as "less of a problem" or "easier to deal with."  I don't care if a vehicle gets 100 miles per gallon of fuel used, if it's using fossil fuels.  It's not helpful to kill the planet, ourselves, or anything else, slowly or slower than what we previously were doing.  We have pushed the environment to it's limits and now it's time to take actions that start reducing the problems completely.  Bio-diesel isn't a perfect fix, but it is at least sustainable and the pollutants are much lower.  Not only that, but diesel engines technology for emissions is getting very high, some great new emissions tactics are being used to keep the exhaust clean.  New diesel burn extremely clean.  With the fuels being made from sustainable sources it puts a stop to buying foreign oils which puts dollars right back in YOUR pocket immediately.  Let's keep looking for options that only produce positive results.  Let's avoid anything with side-effects ;)

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