Tuesday, October 25, 2011

 This is a great video with great information on the actual extent of what it would take for us to make fuels sustainable.  I think a lot of people either don't care to think about it, what sustainable really is, or the fact that we even need a new option.  Most people are very happy to go to the pump and pay for gas, they have too many other things to worry about, kids to pick up, dinner to cook, or a stupid job...whatever it is.  Anyways, it's pretty obvious that health problems are through the rough, i heard something like 1 in 2 people will have cancer in their life in America.  That's gross.  And i mean, look at the level of toxins we pump into just the air we breathe with vehicles that put out some nasty emissions.  We are also taking this fuel from a source that we have no way of knowing the limits of, but do know for sure that it is limited.  That seems like an obvious reason not to take from that tree in the first place, it doesn't grow fruit, when they're all gone, that's it.  I also love that with biofuels, you get to keep it all local.  Waste products from your own town, whether it's waste treatment with microalgae or simply picking up fryer grease from some local restaurants.  When people begin setting up facilities to produce and sell the biofuels locally it will also be creating jobs.  This new future is just around the corner.  

On the BioDiesel Subaru subject, no word back yet from Pacific PowerTrain Inc., but i did send out an email to Sequential Bio Fuels, telling them what i'm trying to do, hopefully i can get in touch with them soon.  I am really excited about the idea of taking the car to different schools and getting the youth inspired to create new things using biofuels and new ways to create sustainable fuels.  Excited to hopefully help motivate them to create the sustainable future we need.  It's everyone's responsibility, but permanent change truly rests on the shoulders of our youth.  This car will be a fun way for me to share something i love, in motor-sports, with kids all over the country.  Regardless of whether or not i get sponsors, my Subaru will be sporting an EE20 turbo diesel running on bio-diesel by next summer and the following winter i'll start campaigning the car around the country.  I just want to say thanks to any readers, followers and supporters.  This project is going to take off soon.

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