Friday, October 28, 2011

So, i got shut down from Azure Bio-diesel today. Got an e-mail saying they weren't capable of sponsoring the car. That's alright, hopefully the company grows and someday they'll throw me hand-fulls of cash just for racing with bio-diesel ;) I'll just keep tryin', keep sending out emails to people who can benefit from the advertising i have to offer. I'm really thinking a "bio-diesel day" is store. I think that'd be a great way for a bio-fuel distributor to bring out a bunch of fuel, sell it at a discounted cost, move TONS of fuel and get more and more people making the switch. Any ol' bloke with a diesel pick-up can come fill up for a good price while supporting a good cause, and maybe in the future that company put a few pumps around the area, and boom, just like that you have a new bio-diesel market. Bring the race car out, get people fired up about the event. I have ideas, i just need investment people! Lets make some stuff happen.

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