Sunday, November 13, 2011

I went to blow off some steam and get my weekly relaxation. I decided i'm going to start making a lot more videos and content in general of the Subaru. This was everyone can watch the car change instead of reading a bunch of my nonsense all the time. Next month i'll get my GoPro and quality will be much higher. Until then, i'm going to start using a camera person instead of driving and video taping. I'd be able to drive a lot faster and the video will look way better. I had a lot of fun today though. Demoralized a 5 door protege while shooting one of those videos. It's a home-field advantage though, i've been driving that road for almost 10 years now, i know every bump on it. I'm not sure there are many people on the planet, if any, faster than me on that road. Hopefully by next summer we can start having some enthusiast meets and cruises. On a side note, i just scored a 55 gal. hot water heater, going to use it to make myself some Bio-diesel. Going to do some raffles and see if i can start raising the dollars needed for this project.

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