Thursday, November 17, 2011

So, how's everyone doing? i'm doin' great! feelin' really excited about things coming together. This project is going to be very fun, it's going to be a big winter, and i mean how often do you get to look forward to winter? I know, working out in the cold is going to get old i'm sure, but in the end, the result...this 60 mpg, 150mph, awd, turbo-bio-diesel race car is going to be amazing. Been working more on fuels and stuff for the beast. I figure race cars run race race cars need race bio-diesel. So, i did some research on exactly what that would be and stuff, was sharing some of those numbers. It got me thinking though, if there was such a thing, how would diesel engines change to take advantage of higher quality fuel? higher compression or lower compression? Definitely more boost and more compression i would think. It'll be cool to be able to keep track of what exactly happens with different fuels, like higher or lower cetane ratings, or different products to make the fuels initially. See how it effects the dyno is the part i'm curious about. will a higher cetane number result in a narrower torque/power curve with higher peak numbers or the other way around. I'm sure there is already numbers and info. out there from all the big power diesel truck guys, but i would like to do it to make my own fuel. having the experience and the notes to refer to will be helpful when i'm trying to create fuels with a specific purpose. This is gonna be awesome! Can't wait to see everyone on the tarmac, or Youtube! later daters

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