Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm getting very excited about this project. I have been for some time actually. It's been slow getting things rollin', but i'm still pushin', and it will pick up speed soon. Being a salesman, going out and trying to convince people to give up their money for you, is a skill for sure. One i don't yet have, but every person i approach gives me a little more practice. But, this is an automotive blog about let's talk about that. Through i will be able to have the car on a racetrack almost every single month out of the year. I am starting to feel like everyday that car isn't done is a day i'm losing out on to become a better driver. In the end, that's my dream...i want to be a driver, i want to compete. This car will provide a great platform. It will be reliable with the r180 rear end and late model 6mt transmission, running late model axles, the drivetrain should be solid. The engine will start at stock specs., and built up from season to season, so it should be at least two seasons before any major issues with that. I'm looking forward to really showing people the potential of this car, and how efficient it can be in terms of limiting waste while we race. That's what this whole project is about, proving that this sport serves a purpose beyond advertising Viagra, Nextel and provides inspiration and motivation, it provides heroic battles of nerves, man and machine. This little Subaru is going to do just that. Now...just finding some money to get it and keep it on track...we'll be all good. Here is a video of the competition of the future ;)

p.s. i just had a genius idea that was so in front of my face it didn't occur to me to PROVE my car's ability to advertise. That's what i'm trying to sell here right? good advertisement. I'm just going to start building the car and and start my video series and then they can see that people want this car! alright, that's all for now. Here's a sick video of the gobstopper, my petrol powered benchmark.

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