Friday, November 11, 2011

just filling these pages with text and other people's videos is getting old. So, been thinking maybe i'll order some of the things the car needs other than the engine and trans. and start getting some more content up here. The struts are WAY blown on that thing, so step one will be tracking down some WRX struts to put on the RS so it'll be ready for the feel inserts. Now, i'm hoping i can find some low mileage ones so i can ride those for awhile, those feel inserts are awesome and way cheaper than rally coil-overs, but i don't have an extra G layin' around at the moment. So, one step at a time. Step one, Struts, step two, rear diff. and hubs. Then brakes, then strut inserts...somewhere along the way, the EE20 and mt6. what a wonderful pair. This thing is going to rock the world.

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