Sunday, June 3, 2012

A child riding a bike for the first time down the side-walk sees a rock in the middle of the road, the closer the child gets the more angst builds up and the more those eyes are glued to this rock and the bigger the rock gets.  Bigger and bigger until front tire meets rock and CRASH!  Now...a teenager is riding a bike down the same side-walk and the same rock is sitting there, the teenager catches a glimpse of the rock and never looks back at it, but instead looks to the new path needed to avoid the rock.  It's a simple idea but it is a Universal law that the things you pay attention to are going to grow in your life.  If you complain a lot, you are focusing on problems and not solutions, and those problems are getting larger and larger all the time, aren't they?  Now if you are a positive attitude, livin' life in it's jolly stride type of person, you probably don't focus on the problem as much, but still, there is another type that are very aware of this Law of the Universe and they look for solutions when they experience or see a problem.  When they focus on solutions, solutions grow and become quite amazing answers that change the world.

Now...why am i ranting about the Law of Attraction in my performance motorsports blog?  Well, fossil fuel use and use of resources in general are the problems.  The solution i see right now is to make everyone aware that we need to look for solutions.  Through the bio-diesel Subaru, i want to do this.  But really what i am explaining here is, what if EVERYONE looked at the same solutions?  The power to create effect change would be so high, so many minds thinking creatively to cooperate with eachother and this planet while solving problems.  The fuel issue is one big one, but far from the only one.  Natural gas drilling is a problem, production of plastics, the methods of food production.  We need to take responsibility and take action ourselves.  As a public, American's are the worst about sitting and complaining at our elected officials to fix problems.  We've become a country of whining wieners as a whole, and i refuse to be one these.  I am going to build this Subaru and help educate the wieners in the Country of some options they can take right now.  I need support though, i need more focus on my solution.  Who wants to have some fun helping me change the world?

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