Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Bio-Diesel Subaru...i love it.  It lights up my face every single time i say it, and i say it a LOT :).  But, i have been talking about it like it's the future of autos, and well...it is.  The funny part is, i'm building the car using all factory parts to begin with, old stuff.  I think there is hidden potential all over the place and i think as a whole, people are starting to shift the way they think and use more potential and less of our resources.  Cool stuff.  Every day i come up with new ideas for ways to create energy, movement, transportation and food.  The more things i come up with the more creative my ideas seem to become.  I have been working on an old project of mine that had some big speed-bumps, the Rotary Diesel.  This has some internal flow issues, but yeah, some new creative ideas and i grabbed an old engine i had and maybe that can be next summers new project, the things i will create are going to change the world.

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