Monday, June 11, 2012

YES!  i was looking at the Department of Energy and found that this project fits exactly into one of the grants available on their site.  It's a grant for the purpose of developing and spreading knowledge of sustainable fuel options.  The only problem is the grant is a minimum $250,000 grant for a big project.  I need to team up with a bigger entity, a company, a school, something...but it's a good option and it offers whoever does team up with me, a big cash incentive, or at least the opportunity for it.  So, my next target is to find out how to write an awesome proposal and find myself a sponsor business or non-profit.  The other option is to create a bigger plan that can use that type of money.  I have always had the plan of creating a company to produce the products that i'm trying to spread to the world.  I really believe people will gladly use bio-diesel, if they have an option that is both financially comparable and more importantly, CONVENIENT!  I want to produce enough high-quality, like new, bio-diesel vehicles to give people an option when buying cars.

But, for now, lets stay focused on building the Subaru.  The Subaru project needs to lay down some clear plans for actions. Which records are important, what capabilities do i really want to showcase, and how far will this car travel?  I would love to hear some feed back on what others would like to see it do, what would really motivate you to buy bio-diesel car next time around?  My personal goals are to set a diesel land speed record of some kind, win a rally, climb Pike's Peak for time, set a miles per gallon record while crossing the United States, and most importantly, i would like to hit LOTS of local type events (fairs, car shows, boat races...) and get involved with people, let people check this car out.

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