Monday, July 16, 2012

I am very excited today.  Been rockin' it all day.  Called Jordan Beck at Rogue bio-fuels.  I'm hoping he is interested in the project and that developing a new bio-diesel for them to sell is something he is as excited about as i am.  The fuel that seems to be available right now just isn't cutting it with today's new engines.  The DPF equipped engines are literally destroying themselves with cylinder wash and clogging the filter itself.  But, i see a lot of options, it just takes effort, time and money.  I have all the motivation and passion to put forth a huge effort and i am willing to dedicate all my time, now i just need to get the cash-flow, flowin'.  The Subaru engine will be a great first test platform for fuels because it is equipped with a DPF from the factory, and also, it's a high-revving diesel, and i want to test fuels with a higher flash-point to see if it will promote higher engine rpms and burn cleaner at those rpms.  As a race car, this Subaru will spend a lot of time high in the rev range and i am also thinking that these fuels with higher flash-point should also pack a higher stored energy "punch", producing more power.  Companies like Monster diesel make products that do similar things in fossil fuel diesel, and i think they may have some great answers for the bio-diesel industry.  We can make these fuels so good that they have to replace the diesel at the pump.  I am going to get all the U.S. driving on bio-diesel or ethanol in the next 5 years.  I'm going to get this Subaru built and show the world what is coming.  Before the end of August it's gonna be layin' rubber to road.

Also, i got a reply from Noel, on the RS forum.  He will hopefully be able to secure some grants for me, and at the very least point me in the right direction.  When it comes to building and designing vehicles, i'm skilled. When it comes to finding supporting finances, i have much less finesse.  Hopefully Noel will be able to get one of these grants set up to where we can get the shop up in running and build the bio-diesel Subaru all in one swing.  A couple of employees and shop space will really jump start this program.  I have several other vehicles and projects lined up for the next 24 months.  Once i get in a shop, get the Subaru finished up, we'll be able to keep things rolling and really produce some quality products to help this push for change in the fuel industry.

Just because the posts have been a lot of typing and sharing my thoughts but kind of low on entertainment value, here are a couple videos.

The 555 car with the diesel engine and you've got MY bio-diesel Subaru.

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