Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm so ready to go!  Ready to build this Subaru, ready to establish my shop and produce vehicles that run on sustainable fuel while astonishing the world.  But...i suck at this paperwork stuff and i really can't move forward without it.  I am going through options for Grants right now as this whole deal fits right into several different sustainable energy grants.  That's where i'm at now, just trying to figure out this whole grant application situation.  Also, because this project is growing in scale and will most likely be funded by Grants for at least the first year, i'm looking for someone to work with me and help me out with that side of things.  If you have any experience and love motorsports, i'd love to bring you into the mess of sustainable performance.

I have quite a few other plans and projects lined up besides the Subaru, but the Subaru is the goal, the focus, my passion and dream, so all efforts are straight ahead at getting that thing built.  I am going to have it on the road by the end of August and get this bad boy out in the world.  Once the car is complete i'm going to plan out the Records to be crushed and also lay out a few information spreading "Tours" around the country.  The first is going to be visiting as many bio-diesel and sustainable fuel production facilities as possible while also making it to some Diesel Drag and Tow events and Open-Track road course events.  The second major tour i want to do is to schools.  I want to bring the car to schools and give a quick presentation to get kids inspired about what i am so inspired and passionate about.  PERFORMANCE!  Performance that will last forever and carry the world into a cleaner future.

For now though, i need to find this Grants money so i can change the world!!!

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