Thursday, July 12, 2012

The more i talk with diesel truck owners and mechanics...and well, anyone, they have nothing good to say about the new diesel emissions and the engine systems being developed to deal with it.  The problem is not the emissions laws.  The problems lie with the fuel.  We can't burn shit fuel clean enough to really make a difference and in the effort, we are producing systems that are un-reliable and take away from the efficiency and performance of the vehicles.  The two main systems that i find to be complete SHIT! are the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) which filters out unburned and partially burned carbon.  The other system is the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), which takes small amounts of exhaust gas (with these unburned carbons) and re-routes it back into the Intake air, going into the engine to give a chance for the engine to burn those un-burnt fuel bits.  What this does is replace oxygenated fresh air with carbon filled exhaust gas, not all of it, but a small portion of your intake air is displaced by worthless exhaust gas.

The problem isn't that technology isn't there.  The problem is that Auto manufacturers receive huge cash incentives from Oil company's.  This keeps them from building vehicles that are geared toward or advertise for the use of bio-diesel.  Instead, we advertise batteries and electric motors (which ad thousands of pounds to a vehicles) and pair that with the already poorly performing and utterly failing gas engine too.

A solution is simple:  An auto manufacturer produces vehicles that are designed to run on bio-diesel for the diesel vehicles and ethanol for the gas-burners, right out of the factory.  Fuel companies can just as easily produce the proper fuels, but there are so many huge corporations, tax laws, and money ties that may stretch farther than we could imagine, and it stops us from making a change.  Where this change has to happen is in the hands of the American people.  We are a country made by having the balls to stand up do what is RIGHT!  I'm going to build vehicles that run on the sustainable stuff only, hopefully more follow suite, and soon more people will sell the fuel, i and others will develop more fuels in racing, or in jobs that have specific duties in extreme conditions, calling for changes in fuels.  It's a chain reaction, and we can't be afraid to take those first steps.

I am going to build this Bio-diesel Subaru, i'm going to take it around the country and around the world, spreading these ideas, spreading this thought process of change, and after that year is over, i'm going to continue to build vehicles that run sustainable that out-perform fossil fuels in every area imaginable.  First thought...let's get this Subaru built!

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