Thursday, July 26, 2012

Things are getting exciting and with a little bit of a waiting game as things come together, i've been putting a lot of my thought towards how we are going to test the fuels, how we are going to develop these new fuel types.  Motorsports does indeed have a natural process for developing the potential of the fuel, but for the Bio-Diesel Subaru team specifically, what are we going to do?  The car itself will be capable of on and off-road testing, hot and cold temperature testing, long-duration pulls, short-duration high load pulls, long-duration-moderate load long distance drives, race track testing.  These will be the main areas to test in the fuel, in terms of the physical conditions we are going to put them through.  Finding places to do all these different things will be fun, and i have some great places in mind already.  The other side of it will be more on the scientific side, and in the lab, things like flash point, gelling point and then some of the emissions things we can also use the car for in conjunction with fuel developers.  I know this isn't hugely entertaining, so i'll throw up a video at the end of one of the roads i'm really looking forward to being the main long-trip testing road. So, i'll use to create an organized chart and spreadsheet of the data that i can post as we collect it, so everyone can see what we see, you can see the numbers, see the effects of the different fuels and watch as we develop the world's greatest bio-fuel running through the baddest car on the planet.  I know i'm getting ahead of myself, and the entire build of the car will be right here on the blog for you guys to watch.  A couple more weeks and we'll have some videos of things getting started.  The Subaru shall meet it's engine before August the 3rd!

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