Monday, July 9, 2012

I had some ideas in my head and wanted to get them down, so i'm sharing them with the world through my blog here.  I need to have a set list of things i'm looking to improve upon in bio-fuels current technology to improve it.  I know that 2007 and up vehicles are having Diesel Particulate Filter related issues and causing massive sometimes terminal engine wear (not just damage, but loss of lubrication.)  Low temperature functionality.  The fuel needs to not gel at very low temperatures, how low is yet to be determined.  It will give me something to check out today.  Where is current diesel on the temperature scale for gelling?  Difference with additive?  Monster Diesel seems to have a real blow-up idea.  Increasing the level of actual stored energy...great work.  More chemical engineers working with race teams to develop the fuels of the future is what is going to bring about the best in both performance as well as economy.  It's not far dream is getting closer, clearing, the picture gets bigger and bigger.  The Subaru is definitely gonna rock the world soon!

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