Thursday, May 3, 2012

First new post in awhile, since we moved actually. So, this is what's up... I am going to finish the Bio-diesel Subaru by October 31, 2012. I have made a deal with a friend, if it's not done, he can keep my Go Pro (already mailed to him) and do what he will with it. It's time for the world to meet this wonderful piece of automotive genius. I have been considering possible building an Outback Sport 98-01 year instead of an Impreza L or Impreza RS. The STi wagons are pretty awesome and were never offered in America before the WRX came. Something super sexy about an Impreza coupe in Rally trim,
I'm going to put the diesel engine in it then basically make it look like this.  I'm getting ready to rent some shop space and then i'll pick up a new car and the engine and get the swap started.  I imagine it will take about a month to get the swap done and running properly.  I am going to get it running like a stock car before i begin modifying the engine or drive-train.  I will show what it's capable of, both in efficiency and performance.  After that, it's GAME ON!  I will be known as the leading building of performance Subaru Diesel engines.

I am glad to be back and look forward to loadin' page with Subaru love and new awesome never before experienced by the Subaru community. 

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