Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Today i want to establish what my purpose and reasons behind doing this are.  Why i feel it's so very important.

Pollution and fuel dependence are two major problems not just for the United States of America, but for the World.  Our entire planet suffers the consequence of both.  The silly thing is we have so many options that would drastically improve our situation.  Fuel sources have to be renewable and sustainable and it only makes sense to make these fuels locally, create independence from foreign oil suppliers and put the control back into the hands of the people.  As car owners and drivers and in the end, the consumers, it is our responsibility to improve our community, our country and the planet we live on for the future generations as well as your own life today.

My sustainable fuel of choice is bio-diesel because it works in 100% of diesel vehicles on the road today.  It can be made from a waste product that's already available, and it can be made to suite specific purposes quite easily.  In the future it will become mandatory for all vehicles with diesel engines to use a sustainable fuel instead of petrol diesel.  Ships, trains, trucks, cars, dragsters, rock buggies, motorcycles, tanks, maybe even jets real soon, every vehicle on the planet can run on a bio-diesel product, but the public needs to want it first.  As it has been in America for a long time, the performance industry dictates much of the future developments of factory vehicles.  

This Subaru will be a high performance vehicle with all the right stuff.  The engine will power the car beyond STi performance, handle better, emit nearly zero emissions while rockin' 55-60mpg.  This car is to show what bio-diesel can be, can do for us.  This car is to get people excited about bio-diesel as well as hopefully bring more awareness to using diesel engines in performance applications.  In the last 10 years or so, diesel performance in trucks has really picked up, and in the last 5, in major motorsports as well, but it hasn't spread to the grassroots level and it surely hasn't become common place to build your golf-tdi into a bio-diesel Racer, although it has been done, (thumbs up to grease car racing!) but when people are looking for bio-diesel, the supply will grow to meet the demand.  Also, with the use of bio-diesel in motorsports, we will get lots of research and development of the fuels which will result in cheaper, cleaner burning higher quality fuels for everyone.

I'm going to use this car to create a new future for bio-diesel.  I'm going to push these engines to the limit, show the durability of running sustainability ;)  With this car i'm going to develop new fuels, set fast records and share it with the communities.  That is most important, share it with people, fairs, car shows, bbq competitions, anywhere where the people are.  People need to experience how awesome it is to appreciate it and really have a lasting impact.

With this Subaru Boxer diesel, the performance potential seems to be a bit untapped or it may just seem that way because all the cool ones are in Europe.  But, with this build, this 2.0 liter engine is going to astound, with the initial build shooting for 300 horsepower, 375 ft. lbs., and by the Summer of 2013, i am going to take this car on a diesel performance tour, hitting diesel drags, dyno days and sled pulls all Summer.  Like i said, i want to get this car out there with the people.  That's enough ramblin' for one day.  Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read my posts and support my ideas.

Guardian Out!


  1. That's a nice idea for a sustainable vehicle. The challenge for that bio-diesel car is to modify its specs, especially the engine, so that it can be as powerful as a conventional racing car, without the harmful emissions. Another challenge would be the materials used to fuel your car, since you need to test several fuel types and identify how compatible they are.

    Sebastian Gaydos

  2. The engine has great potential and i can't wait to get my hands on it. I really see it being capable of 500-600 horsepower pretty readily. I want to take this car to compete in at least 1 time attack event, and building an engine for it is definitely in the future. More than the engine itself, the FUEL is what needs the modification. The fuel is not up to par with what we have in fossil fuels. The time of technology development put into the fuels we have been using is so much greater. That's why it is important to bring the sustainable fuels to motorsport. That is where they will be developed for consistency and safety, as well as for performance.

    Thanks a lot for your comment, i really appreciate it.