Monday, May 21, 2012

Started contacting local businesses supporting sustainable living.  The plan is get 10 businesses to sponsor the car for $1500 in exchange for a block of advertising on the car.  This money will be enough to buy the car the engine and it's components to swap, the transmission and rear end, plus brakes and then odds and ends for wiring up the engine and actually getting it running.  There will be the hood available for a $3500 sponsorship that will be used for the roll-cage.  In the progress of the build of the vehicle i hope we can gather a large group of local businesses and families for us to really work together to create at least 2 major events a month year round.  In the Summer this car should be in action year round.  I want events at farms with the car, sled pulls or race car rides, something every weekend!  This car is going to start the change in our community to a 100% sustainable fuel, sustainable living community.  The Rogue Valley is going to clean up it's AIR!  No more stagnant air warnings.  In short, i just hope this car brings business to sustainable businesses.  I hope it makes people more conscious of the simple acts they can take to make a difference.

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