Friday, May 18, 2012  Here is a link to an article from 2008 on the American Le Mans series forcing all competitors to run clean diesel, E10 or E85.  E10 i think should go, but still, that's amazing, and these guys are pushing the limits of performance, capability and potential of these engines.  Seems to me it should be common law, gas stations can only serve bio-diesel and E85.  The general public doesn't care what powers their cars and i know they would be glad to have cheap fuel again.

Fuel should be cheap.  It can be made in anyone's kitchen for a reasonable price, made in huge quantities could be made for quarters on the gallon at or less.  When this happens performance is going to boom.  Fuel technology and vehicles to use it will explode, because it's not a limited resource anymore.

This use and creation of fuels in a sustainable way will also provide example for the other areas like housing, food production, energy production and water use.  A world where everything is made to be re-used, re-grown, re-placed, and our thought process is to take care of the things that take care of use, the things that give us opportunity to grow and have fun, push new limits, build new things.

Through documentaries, t.v. shows, and i really think most importantly is the people who took initiative before anyone else was ready to in order for those documentaries to have subjects, they are the ones who really created the change.  Through them, our world is changing, major organizations are taking steps to force people to take a look at these problems.  I am happy and excited to spread motivation and information with the bio-diesel Subaru.  By going out there and doing amazing things with this car i can bring attention to fuel-use, to options for creating fuel sources, places to buy right now and how people can make the change in their life.  I am excited to be part of this wave of change.

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