Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I have been struggling to really find a direction to travel to get this project rolling.  With no car it has made me be creative about exactly how i'm going to go about getting sponsorship and support for the vehicles (that isn't physically real yet) and so i have to make the vision very clear.  Also, i am going to change my game-plan a little bit.  Instead of looking for a major sponsor, i'm going to find smaller donations and sponsors until i get to $20,000.  I'm going to sell ten advertising spots on the vehicle worth $2000 a piece, as a bonus for better quality parts and equipment, i'm going to sell the hood and trunk for $4000 a piece.  What i like about this plan is that it allows me to support bio-dieselers as a group.  I don't have to be associated with one company, a group of individuals can donate instead of a company, and they can all gain the benefit of the advertisement.  In reality they would benefit much more than a major company, they need the extra advertisement.  This way it can be much cheaper.  Local businesses of other services can also gain advertisement that draws quality attention, is exciting, adds good reputation to any business i think.  I am excited to bring something unique and fun to a smaller community while at the same time showing the world something amazing.

 Now with a solid plan in place, i can hit the streets.  I'm going to try to talk to at least 3 businesses everyday until i get this bad boy done.

Hemmingsen Auto Design is going to build the fastest diesel Subaru's on the planet! Time to get to work.

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