Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So, today i'm going to really just set my vision again.  I like to keep it fresh in my mind so i know exactly where i'm going.  Today i'm going to be checking out some different body pieces and really looking at what i want this bad boy to look like.  I'm a huge fan of Colin Mcrae and really loved those years he rallied the Subarus, so i will post up a few pictures and share some thoughts. car is going to look like this without the 555 stuff on it.  Colin McRae has awesome taste :)  So, the front bumper on the early cars i prefer.  It has smaller round headlight covers that were not offered in the states but they still look like the '98 RS front bumper instead of the later generation.  The only other big difference is i think i may go with the Black/Silver color scheme just because my last RS was that color and i like it. Everyone rocks the blue, and it's sexy, but I like to be a little different i suppose.

Speaking of different, i wanted to talk about how our cars are an expression of ourselves.  Each one unique, takin' care of differently, some upgraded, some downgraded, some never washed, some loaded with electronics, but in the end, they are all a result of who we are as individuals.  This also includes your driving style, and what you do with your car for fun.  I look at electric cars as killing the thrill of driving.  I have no doubt that people will build faster electric cars someday than what's been capable through combustion, but i just can't imagine it ever having the same thrill.  The roar of the engine, the feel of torque of a series of cylinders producing power feverishly to move your butt, you can feel that engine hit it's sweet spot in the rpm and just sing...all that will be gone.  We will have electric motors whizzing and sounds effects of what it used to be like to hammer down and listen to the roar of ingenuity and testosterone as tires are seer'ed down a few sizes.  For me, cars is passion, bio-diesel is the future of my passion.  I will keep my dreams alive by being active in spreading knowledge.

Keep Racing, keep building, keep the cars burnin' fuel.

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