Monday, May 28, 2012

I came across this amazing program going on in New Zealand,, thought i'd share it.  It's just a forum, it's for both individuals and corporations, and it's all about promoting sustainable stuff.  Anything, everything, all ideas that can benefit people AND the planet.  "The object of SEF is to promote the transition towards a sustainable energy system in New Zealand. SEF defines a sustainable energy system as being "the sourcing, transformation , use and management of energy in a manner which improves social well-being, while conserving physical resources, maintaining the integrity of ecosystems, and avoiding the transfer of costs to future generations.""-SEF

I really like the clear goals.  It seems like so many obvious areas of importance, like future water quality, species habitats, land use and quality, seem get get blurred into the conversation with money and profits and personal interest and then ignored enough to build up and have catastrophic effects in the near future.  It's true with everything in life though; if you don't take care of a problem properly, it builds up or gets worse until it's a catastrophe instead of an inconvenience that couldn't been dealt with.

More and more people are taking action in their personal lives and publicly to create a change.  To create a view of a new future where we live consciously of our world, of the people around use, of our dependence on all other plants, animals, earth, water and wind as well as every other person.  We don't just have a need for the help others, all of us as individuals depend on people working together, communicating, sharing good, energy, time, ideas and this planet.  As a whole, this flow is what creates life, and it's a choice we have to live in a way that promotes life into the future or does not.  

I want to build a bio-diesel Subaru, and this is how i want to be remembered.  I want to build a car that is so badass that people are amazed.  Exceed any current expectations by petrol fuels that everyone wants it, not settles for it. 

How would you contribute?  how would, or rather, WILL you be remembered in this changing time?

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